El Movimiento: The Wonderful World of the Chicano Experience

Ricardo La Fore
Ricardo La Foré

For the past few months, I have been participating in advisory committee meetings for the El Movimiento exhibit, opening at the History Colorado Center on February 7.  It’s  been a little like going back to school for a refresher course—not to learn anything new, but to share stories with some of the old crowd like Manuel Martinez, Carlos Santistevan, Antonio Esquibel and others who were there in the ‘60s at the height of the Movement. We convened as a group to co-create the El Movimiento exhibit in collaboration with History Colorado staff. Our goal is to help newcomers understand our heritage and the history of the past as well as to simply remember and fondly recollect—with much joy—the early days of the Chicano Movement. Continue reading “El Movimiento: The Wonderful World of the Chicano Experience”