Move lots of really heavy stuff from Pueblo to Denver? Sure!

North StorageThis fall, Collections staff will start a move project to consolidate two collections storage properties in Pueblo, Colorado, into our central storage facility in Denver. History Colorado recently received a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to hire temporary staff and moving services for six months to accomplish this task. The project follows up on several other IMLS grant-funded projects to inventory, move and consolidate storage facilities, the last of which was an inventory project for the Pueblo facility in 2012. Continue reading “Move lots of really heavy stuff from Pueblo to Denver? Sure!”

Behind the Scenes in Registration

I started volunteering in the Registration Department in October of 2014. Each week I have a different opportunity to explore objects and personally learn about their individual histories and their place in the collection. The weekly tasks vary: sometimes labeling and updating database information, creating foam mounts for the safety of the objects in storage and travel or conducting condition reports. Condition reports are conducted for multiple reasons: accessions, conservation, deaccessions, loans, exhibits, etc. For example, for loans, we document the condition of an object before it leaves as well as when it returns for comparison to note any changes that occurred. I enjoy doing condition reports and love being able to thoroughly inspect and document an object to note things that may not be obvious on first glance. Continue reading “Behind the Scenes in Registration”

Building History Colorado’s Collection

IMG_8120In February 1879, enabling legislation was signed by the Governor of Colorado creating the State Historical Society, the objective of which was to collect and preserve items relating to the history of the state. Since that time, the collection has grown to encompass approximately 15 million individual items including archival documents, artifacts and visual images. Continue reading “Building History Colorado’s Collection”

Introducing the Aultman Studio Collection

Studio portrait of W.F. Blake with bicycle, taken with Oliver Aultman c. 1890.
Studio portrait of W.F. Blake with bicycle, taken with Oliver Aultman c. 1890.

With the Winter Prather collection finished, I’m pleased to introduce the massive Aultman Studio collection, the next set of materials up for processing as part of the NHPRC 20th Century Photograph Collections Grant Project. In comparison to the two NHPRC Project collections that I’ve already processed, (the David DeHarport collection and the Winter Prather collection), this one is monstrous in size. Unprocessed materials in the Aultman Studio collection are a whopping 87 linear feet, the largest photograph collection in History Colorado’s holdings, and will take about nine months to process. So expect to hear much, much more about the Aultmans in the coming months! Continue reading “Introducing the Aultman Studio Collection”

Working on New Exhibits at The Ute Indian Museum in Montrose

Beaded Moccasins
Beaded Moccasins

While the construction to expand the Ute Indian Museum in Montrose is moving along nicely, the exhibit team at History Colorado is busy planning the new exhibits to be installed there. One of the most exciting parts of exhibit development is selection of the artifacts to support the stories of the Ute people that we will tell. Continue reading “Working on New Exhibits at The Ute Indian Museum in Montrose”