National NAGPRA Review Committee 62nd Meeting

Forum and Roundtable March 14.

History Colorado was honored to host the 62nd National Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) Review Committee meetings on March 15 and 16. The meetings were preceded by a public roundtable and open forum that I organized around the topics of consultation challenges and successes. Continue reading “National NAGPRA Review Committee 62nd Meeting”

Introducing the Fred Payne Clatworthy Collection

Portrait of Clatworthy
Portrait of Clatworthy, circa 1925, Accession number: 99.164.30

With the Aultman Studio collection finished, I’m happy to announce that we’ve begun work on the Fred Payne Clatworthy collection, the final set of material up for processing under our NHPRC 20th Century Photograph Collections Grant Project. The collection features the beautiful work of Frederick Payne Clatworthy, a photographer internationally recognized for his mastery of the autochrome (a rare, early form of color photography). Continue reading “Introducing the Fred Payne Clatworthy Collection”

Oliver Aultman’s Colorado River Adventure

Undine boat on the Colorado River
The Undine on the Colorado River, Utah, 1901. Accession number: 2001.41

Oliver Aultman, head of Colorado’s longest running photography studio, was not known for his sense of adventure. In the various biographical profiles I’ve read about Aultman while processing the Aultman Studio collection at History Colorado, he is described as a mild-mannered man who stayed out of politics, rarely took a drink, and preferred shooting photographs in the controlled atmosphere of his studio to the raucous streets of turn-of-the-century Trinidad, Colorado.1 Even Aultman’s son, Glenn, stated that his father’s penchant for photography rarely extended beyond the studio.2 Yet to call Aultman strictly a studio photographer would be an oversimplification of Aultman’s life and work. A huge case in point is Aultman’s little-documented adventure on the Green and Colorado Rivers in 1901. Continue reading “Oliver Aultman’s Colorado River Adventure”

An Explosive Start to the New Year

Military shells in storage.
Military shells in storage.

Since September 2016, I’ve been a part of the team working on an Institute of Museum and Library Services grant to move items from our Pueblo warehouse to Denver. Each week we’ve been able to discover so many new objects and properly pack them on pallets and ship them. The first week of the new year started as it always does: we were moving objects off the shelves and onto pallets to start securing them for a safe commute. On January 4, we decided to start working on military shells. In plain sight for the entire project were ten military projectile shells of varying sizes sitting on wooden pallets that we’d held off on packing due to their large sizes and weight. Continue reading “An Explosive Start to the New Year”

Colorado Goes to the Fair with the Colorado Mineral Palace!

Colorado Mineral Palace model

In May 1893, the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago opened to the public. The exposition was held to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World in 1492. One of the objects on view—the Colorado Mineral Palace model—is currently on exhibit at the History Colorado Center. Continue reading “Colorado Goes to the Fair with the Colorado Mineral Palace!”