Reel News: Yesterday’s News Today – “Perils of Paper Bags as Bustles”

A multitude of bustles, Godey's Fashions for February 1874, History Colorado
A multitude of bustles, Godey’s Fashions for February 1874, History Colorado

“There is a woman in Gunnison who has learned a lesson that will last her a lifetime. She has been for years wearing these paper bags, such as the grocers use, for bustles. The paper is stiff and sticks out splendidly, and makes the dress look well. Last Sunday morning while she was dressing, her young son got in the room and blew the paper bag full of wind and tied a string around the mouth of it and left it in a chair. The good lady took it and tied it on and dressed herself for church. She bribed her husband to go to church with her, though he was a soft Bob Ingersoll christian. As they went down the aisle the minister was reading a hymn about “Sounding the Loud Hosanna” and the lady went into the pew first and sat down while her husband was putting his hat on the floor. There was a report like distant thunder. You have heard how those confounded paper bags explode when boys blow them up and crush them between their hands. Continue reading “Reel News: Yesterday’s News Today – “Perils of Paper Bags as Bustles””

Reel News: Yesterday’s News Today—“Cyclone in a Restaurant”

1_Headline_Herald Democrat [Leadvile, CO]_November 15, 1895
Headline, Herald Democrat (Leadville), November 15, 1895. History Colorado microfilm newspaper collection and Colorado State Library, Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection (
“Sugar bowls, catsup bottles, vinegar cruets, mustard pots, pork and beans, odds and ends of uneaten pie, went flying through the air at Escher’s State street restaurant night before last, while the after-midnight diners ducked their heads under the tables to escape the cyclone of dishes and food. Continue reading “Reel News: Yesterday’s News Today—“Cyclone in a Restaurant””

Azalia Smith Hackley—Musical Prodigy and Pioneering Journalist

Azalia Smith Hackley, The Broad Ax [Salt Lake City, UT], Chronicling America,
Azalia Smith Hackley, The Broad Ax Salt Lake City, UT, Chronicling America.
In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting Emma Azalia Smith Hackley, a former resident of Denver and co-editor of the newspaper the Statesman. The Statesman, which later became The Denver Star, will be the first of 18 titles History Colorado is digitizing to add to the Library of Congress Chronicling America database. If you’d like to learn more about History Colorado’s participation in the National Digital Newspaper Program, please follow this link. Continue reading “Azalia Smith Hackley—Musical Prodigy and Pioneering Journalist”

National NAGPRA Review Committee 62nd Meeting

Forum and Roundtable March 14.

History Colorado was honored to host the 62nd National Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) Review Committee meetings on March 15 and 16. The meetings were preceded by a public roundtable and open forum that I organized around the topics of consultation challenges and successes. Continue reading “National NAGPRA Review Committee 62nd Meeting”

Introducing the Fred Payne Clatworthy Collection

Portrait of Clatworthy
Portrait of Clatworthy, circa 1925, Accession number: 99.164.30

With the Aultman Studio collection finished, I’m happy to announce that we’ve begun work on the Fred Payne Clatworthy collection, the final set of material up for processing under our NHPRC 20th Century Photograph Collections Grant Project. The collection features the beautiful work of Frederick Payne Clatworthy, a photographer internationally recognized for his mastery of the autochrome (a rare, early form of color photography). Continue reading “Introducing the Fred Payne Clatworthy Collection”