Television was My Lifeline to the Events of 1968.

tv_1968In 1968 I was in college completing my junior year and beginning my senior year at an Arizona university. My main line of information for all the events happening that year was the television. We had one color TV in the lobby of the dormitory I lived in, so there was often a crowd gathered around it for the evening news and other events. I don’t remember any big demonstrations or riots on my campus but there was a lot of talk among students and in classes about the Vietnam War issues. Continue reading “Television was My Lifeline to the Events of 1968.”

A Story of Sewing & Fashion – ’68 Style

Judy Kaminsky Botvin
Judy Kaminsky Botvin

In 1968, I was a stay-at-home mom with two little girls, ages two and four, and expecting my third. I had purchased a sewing machine for myself after my first baby was born, planning to create clothes for her. And so I did, throughout the late 60’s. I made dresses and playsuits for the girls, and several Halloween costumes, including a Raggedy Ann dress and wig and a half-man-half-woman outfit. I decorated a child’s room with home-made café curtains, topped by a circus-tent-like valance. The full-length pant dresses and pant suits I made for myself were, of course, one-of-a-kind and therefore fun to wear. Though a college English major, I made the most of one semester of sewing class I took in junior high! Continue reading “A Story of Sewing & Fashion – ’68 Style”

Mission 66: Our National Park Legacy

Kristi Roberts, History Colorado State Historical Fund Outreach and Technology Specialist

My love for National Parks did not arise from family vacations. When I was young, we took few road trips that deviated from the long drive from Chicago to Florida to visit my grandparents and go to Disney World. My parents were not outdoorsy, which was perhaps the reason I fell in love with camping as a teenager and have become an avid camper as an adult. Backpacking through Glacier National Park in college was my first foray into the wild, but also into the grandeur of the National Park System and its architecture. Century-old lodges next to rentable lake cabins, all with indoor plumbing, sounded very luxurious to someone whose first experience with the wilderness was a week-long backcountry trip where we fished the glacial lakes for dinner. Continue reading “Mission 66: Our National Park Legacy”