From Lincoln Logs to Blueprints

Elizabeth Wright Ingraham plays with Lincoln Logs as a child (Photo taken from AIA,
Elizabeth Wright Ingraham plays with Lincoln Logs as a child (Photo courtesy AIA Colorado,

Becoming an architect is a rather daunting task when your father is Frank Lloyd Wright. Although John Lloyd Wright had a hard time measuring up to the architectural achievements of his father, he was able to define his own place in history with the invention of Lincoln Logs in 1918. He found inspiration for the toy on a 1917 visit to Japan, where he assisted his father with the construction of the Imperial Hotel using a revolutionary technique of interlocking beams. The inherent simplicity of the design struck a chord with John, and soon after, he set out to democratize the technique for the enjoyment of America’s children. Continue reading “From Lincoln Logs to Blueprints”

PART II — 888 Logan Street: Home to the Prominent

888loganLast week we learned about President Eisenhower’s and Buffalo Bill’s association with 888 Logan Street, a mid-century apartment building in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood that was once said to be, “the most luxurious apartment house ever built in Denver.”

This week, we look at six more Denver elite who —  incredibly! — all lived at 888 Logan Street at the same time in the early 1960s…

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Historic Yet New: Colorado Additions to the National and State Register

This summer two new buildings were added to the State Register of Historic Properties that tell the stories of two notable Coloradans with very different, but equally fascinating, backgrounds that led them to esteem designing buildings in Greeley and Denver, respectively.

In addition, the Downtown Loveland Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places. This exciting new listing honors the agricultural and economic heritage of a small railroad community that grew into a commercial center.

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Beyond the Stacks: A Library Redefined

Breck 11
Exterior view on Opening Night. Photo by Anderson Hallas Architects.

Adaptive Reuse at Altitude: Innovative Partnerships Transform a Schoolhouse

Up at 9,600 feet above sea level in Breckenridge, Colorado, a stately schoolhouse has weathered more than a century of high altitude winters.  After Colorado Mountain College moved out of the school, the town leaders of Breckenridge knew they needed to get their hands on this gem. One of only two brick civic buildings in town, this Mission Revival school was unique in this former mining vernacular Victorian town. The question was: What to do with it?

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