A day trip to the Historic Park Theatre in Estes Park

by Brian Cooke, History Colorado blogger

One of the many advantages of living in Colorado is the easy access to Rocky Mountain National Park and its eastern “gateway” town, Estes Park. While Estes Park’s proximity to the National Park is certainly a major draw, there are many sights worth seeing in the downtown area, especially if you’re interested in a bit of history. Continue reading “A day trip to the Historic Park Theatre in Estes Park”

National Great Outdoors Month

East Longs Peak Trail, Estes Park vicinity, Boulder/Larimer Counties, listed in the National Register in 2007.

What better way to celebrate National Great Outdoors Month than to explore some of Rocky Mountain National Park’s National Register-listed trails? Many of the Park’s buildings, resources, and trails are historic.

The trail to the Longs Peak summit embodies National Park Service naturalistic design from the 1920s. Active use of the trail begin in 1873, when lodge owners began to maintain it as a tourist attraction. Enos Mills acted as a guide to the summit between 1900 and 1906, honing his skills as a lead spokesman in the effort to create Rocky Mountain National Park, established in 1915.

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Keys to Historic Preservation: Estes Park’s Baldpate Inn

Imagine that your grandfather was a San Francisco ferryboat captain who transported the notorious gangster Al Capone to Alcatraz Island, and that, as a memento of the occasion, he quietly pocketed the key to Capone’s handcuffs. Now imagine that this small key—this tiny piece of history—stayed in your family for a few generations, until one day you got the idea that perhaps it should be rescued from your sock drawer and sent to a museum somewhere. But where should it go? Is there a museum for keys?

As a matter of fact, there is. And it’s in a mountainside inn near Rocky Mountain National Park.

Located near Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, the Baldpate Inn is one of thousands of locations that have benefited from History Colorado State Historical Fund Grants. (Photo courtesy of the Baldpate Inn.)

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