Introducing the Fred Payne Clatworthy Collection

Portrait of Clatworthy
Portrait of Clatworthy, circa 1925, Accession number: 99.164.30

With the Aultman Studio collection finished, I’m happy to announce that we’ve begun work on the Fred Payne Clatworthy collection, the final set of material up for processing under our NHPRC 20th Century Photograph Collections Grant Project. The collection features the beautiful work of Frederick Payne Clatworthy, a photographer internationally recognized for his mastery of the autochrome (a rare, early form of color photography). Continue reading “Introducing the Fred Payne Clatworthy Collection”

Resolved: Family History in 2017

So, did you make any New Year’s resolutions for 2017? “Take up a new hobby or activity” is a popular one, and with genealogy and family history consistently near the top of the list of most popular hobbies in America, it’s no surprise that our librarians see a surge of aspiring genealogists come looking for their Colorado roots each January. Or maybe you’ve decided that 2017 is the year you’re finally going to get all your family papers and heirlooms organized and stored just the way you want them. Either way, the Stephen H. Hart Library & Research Center is ready to help you succeed. Continue reading “Resolved: Family History in 2017”

Preserving Your Family Photographs

By Emily Moazami, Photo Archivist & Associate Curator of Photography

Here’s a tip: photos hate basements and attics. Photographs are finicky objects and sensitive to myriad contaminants, but most especially light, pests and fluctuating temperatures and relative humidity. These four elements alone can rapidly deteriorate your photographs if not controlled. Fortunately, there are some simple, cost-effective ways to protect your family photos. Continue reading “Preserving Your Family Photographs”