Caring a Little Would Mean a Lot

Deb Butte
Deb Butte, Respite Care at Christ’s Body Ministries

After spending time with family for Christmas I’m cognizant of all the simple things I’ve been provided and the confidence those things provide me as I daily interact with the world. I know that although my mom has a lot of advice, it comes from a heart that loves me and is committed to me. I know that my sisters, although they support different political positions, would readily provide me a place to stay if the furnace went out in my house. And all our kids, wildly running around have hats and mittens when they go sledding and their sprawling sleeping bodies covering the floor with their cousins have prayers spoken over them each night. Continue reading “Caring a Little Would Mean a Lot”

Blair Griffith Talks about Homelessness (Part 1)

Miss Colorado 2011, Blair Griffith, joined us for the opening of our new exhibit, “Searching For Home: Homelessness in Colorado.” She then shared her story of family, winning Miss Colorado, and finding herself homeless.