Resolved: Family History in 2017

So, did you make any New Year’s resolutions for 2017? “Take up a new hobby or activity” is a popular one, and with genealogy and family history consistently near the top of the list of most popular hobbies in America, it’s no surprise that our librarians see a surge of aspiring genealogists come looking for their Colorado roots each January. Or maybe you’ve decided that 2017 is the year you’re finally going to get all your family papers and heirlooms organized and stored just the way you want them. Either way, the Stephen H. Hart Library & Research Center is ready to help you succeed. Continue reading “Resolved: Family History in 2017”

Read Colorado’s Historic Newspapers Online

In this digital age, the way we read newspapers may have changed, but the characteristics and qualities of newspapers have remained largely the same. A newspaper is a first-hand creation with information relevant to the life and culture of the community it serves. A newspaper is, metaphorically, the eyes, voice and spirit of a community. History Colorado preserves those voices and stories on the best newspaper preservation format available: microfilm. Continue reading “Read Colorado’s Historic Newspapers Online”

Restaurants and Menus

30001474_CasaBonitaIn the Stephen H. Hart Library & Research Center, we regularly assist researchers—from scholars to students, authors to filmmakers—in finding the Colorado history they need for their projects. Some of these projects are for private, personal use—such as genealogy research—but others are destined for the larger world as a film or book. It’s always a joy when one of those books comes back to us, to be added to our Archives collection. Continue reading “Restaurants and Menus”

Headlines from the Past

0530151305aAt the History Colorado Center, we’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to showcase our collections and incorporate history highlights into our public spaces beyond the exhibit galleries. One great example is our “100 Years Ago Today in Colorado” newspaper feature in the entrance hall. Our fantastic Design & Production team initiated that project last summer. The concept is pretty simple: every day, we display reproductions of the front pages of daily Colorado newspapers from 100 years ago. We currently feature The Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, Pueblo Chieftain and Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. Continue reading “Headlines from the Past”