Oliver Aultman’s Colorado River Adventure

Undine boat on the Colorado River
The Undine on the Colorado River, Utah, 1901. Accession number: 2001.41

Oliver Aultman, head of Colorado’s longest running photography studio, was not known for his sense of adventure. In the various biographical profiles I’ve read about Aultman while processing the Aultman Studio collection at History Colorado, he is described as a mild-mannered man who stayed out of politics, rarely took a drink, and preferred shooting photographs in the controlled atmosphere of his studio to the raucous streets of turn-of-the-century Trinidad, Colorado.1 Even Aultman’s son, Glenn, stated that his father’s penchant for photography rarely extended beyond the studio.2 Yet to call Aultman strictly a studio photographer would be an oversimplification of Aultman’s life and work. A huge case in point is Aultman’s little-documented adventure on the Green and Colorado Rivers in 1901. Continue reading “Oliver Aultman’s Colorado River Adventure”

National African-American Heritage Month – Earl School, Las Animas County

Earl School, Las Animas County (location restricted), listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2013

Earl School – Las Animas County

The Earl School welcomed the students of Earl for 37 years, beginning in 1909, and was the only local venue available for social functions. Earl School served African-American students of the so-called “Black Colony” as well as Hispanic students. It is a good example of a one-room adobe schoolhouse, built for functionality using locally available and inexpensive materials. The Earl School relates to the historic context outlined in Rural School Buildings in Colorado (http://www.historycolorado.org/content/rural-school-buildings-colorado). Continue reading “National African-American Heritage Month – Earl School, Las Animas County”

Introducing the Aultman Studio Collection

Studio portrait of W.F. Blake with bicycle, taken with Oliver Aultman c. 1890.
Studio portrait of W.F. Blake with bicycle, taken with Oliver Aultman c. 1890.

With the Winter Prather collection finished, I’m pleased to introduce the massive Aultman Studio collection, the next set of materials up for processing as part of the NHPRC 20th Century Photograph Collections Grant Project. In comparison to the two NHPRC Project collections that I’ve already processed, (the David DeHarport collection and the Winter Prather collection), this one is monstrous in size. Unprocessed materials in the Aultman Studio collection are a whopping 87 linear feet, the largest photograph collection in History Colorado’s holdings, and will take about nine months to process. So expect to hear much, much more about the Aultmans in the coming months! Continue reading “Introducing the Aultman Studio Collection”