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Aultman Scenes

Business NameYearNegative NumberNotes
Academy Football Team18922210
Advertiser Photo Prisoner191121309
Angela Sister Convent190817413
Annon Packing Co.190716121
Athletic Club18943053
Basketball Team190312002
Basketball Team Girls191019566
Basketball Team Girls191019568
Basketball Team Girls191019567
Basketball Team Girls191019565
Basketball, Boys191221524
Basketball, Boys191221523
Basketball, Girls191221525
Basketball, Girls191221526
Bell Telephone Co.190210915
Bell Telephone Co.19011039
Berwind Basket Ball192830146
Borrallo J. Store190716798
Bowlden, J. L. Bust Lab18902
Bridal Party (11X14)18953606
Bridge & Eckhart Cards18964554
Bridge & Eckhart resitting18964569
Budweiser Saloon190716778
Budweiser Saloon190817126
C & S. Base Ball191120980
C F. & I. Mine Clerks190918382
C.F.& I. Co.191926639
C.F.& I. Co.192429224
C.F.& I. Co.192328615
C.F.& I. Co.192429226
C.F.& I. Co.192729857
C.F.& I. Co.191926638
C.F.& I. Co.192729932
C.F.& I. Co.192830256
C.F.& I. Co.192328614
C.F.& I. Co.192228304
C.F.& I. Co.192830195
C.F.& I. Co.192830166
C.F.& I. Co.192830151
C.F.& I. Co.192830128
C.F.& I. Co.192830127
C.F.& I. Co.192830126
C.F.& I. Co.191926640
C.F.& I. Co.192830299
Campbell & Lewis Mortuary192830228
Cardinas Hotel190514361
Catholic Graduates191926825
Centennial School192429071
Chamber of Commerce192413501
Chinese Wedding18964064
Christian Church192729812
Church Baptist1890388
Club Ladies190412842
Cokedale Baseball191221989
Colo. Invest Service191423022
Colorado Fuel Co.19007044
Colorado Supply Co.190210902
Colorado Supply Co.190412803
Colorado Supply Co. Managers190615345
Colorado Supply Co. Store190716672
Colorado Telephone Co.190514311
Columbus & Columbus Agent18922201
Commercial Savings Book192328814
Convent School190918672
Cordena Hotel190312218
Denver News190412935
Denver Post190211550
Denver Post190211538
Denver Post190311753
Denver Post190312070
Denver Post190514362
District Court192017364
Drum Corps190918740
Elks Lodge192830373
Emerson Drug Co.190919343
Episcopal Church18996165
Episcopal Church190614939
Epworth League18996042
Freshman Group191019805
Friend Mexican18975024
Gas Products Co.191121101
Golden Rule Store190312204
Gray Creek Baseball Team190211363
Gregory & Son190919087
Hi Y Club192629741
Higgins Electric Co.192529492
High School Cadets190311859
High School Girls18975132
High School Journey Club18985620
Holy Trinity Class Play192729930
Holy Trinity High School29635
Isochromatic Camera Club190615337
Italian Red Cross191825749
Jamieson House Fur Co.190817751
Jungenfeld & Co. Brewery18943412
Kelleff & Co.191423328
Kirkman High School18932976
Knight Templers18996166
Knight Templers190614938
Knights of Columbus190817794
Ladies Freaua Variu18953988
Ladies O.R.190312481
Ladies Society of B. of L. F.190412966
Lions Quartet192328586
Lyric Orchestra190210954
M. E. S. S. class (South)191825843
M. W. of A.190312207
M. W. of A.190110226
M. W. of A.190210883
Methodist Sixtett192127953
Morman Missionaries192027376
Mulnix & Mansback Group Firemen1890242
Myers Ranch192529424
National Biscuit Co.191120745
National Biscuit Co.191120746
News Times Pub. Co., News Boys190615192
Nigro Orchestra18953552
Old Maids18985592
Old Sitters190615465
Polish Society191121229
Polish Society191121230
Postal Gang18985712
Primero HI192830144
Primero High School192830140
Quartett B. H.18953561
Ramey Stars Ball Team192128086
Reed Electric Co.192629683
Runk Olive O.191120794
Saddle Rock Cafe191825769
Salvation Army191322522
Salvation, Army190818080
San Rafael Hospital192529505
Silver Saloon191120740
Silvio Pelico Society191221880
Sipes Undertaking190817666
Sipes Undertaking Co.191019712
Sipes Undertaking Co.191121260
Snodgrass & Boyd190818075
Snodgrass Food Co.192529355
Snodgrass Ford Co.191121235
Sophomore Group191019804
Sopris High School192830122
Sopris Hose Co.191120683
St. Clair K. H.190615494
Teachers H.S.18974913
Telephone Girls190412810
Tillison Class18943128
Tillitson Academy18964250
Tom Thumb Wedding190615563
Trinidad Auto Camp192729862
Trinidad B. Ball Association190716688
Trinidad B. Ball Club190817919
Trinidad Bass [sic] Ball Team190716309
Trinidad Carriage Works192629611
Trinidad E. T. Ry. & Gas Co.192312300
Trinidad E. T. Ry. & Gas Co.192415506
Trinidad E. T., Ry. & Gas Co.191523446
Trinidad Fire Dept.190715930
Trinidad Fire Dept.191724965
Trinidad Fur Co.190716850
Trinidad Fur Co.190918638
Trinidad Fur Co.190919143
Trinidad Fur Co.190919187
Trinidad Fur Co.190919189
Trinidad Fur Co.190918566
Trinidad Fur Co.190919110
Trinidad Fur Co.190918476
Trinidad Fur Co.190717106
Trinidad Fur Co.190716985
Trinidad Fur Co.190817521
Trinidad Fur Co.190817539
Trinidad Fur. Co.190919316
Trinidad Fur. Co.191121228
Trinidad Fur. Co.191019516
Trinidad Fur. Co.191121210
Trinidad Fur. Co.190919270
Trinidad Fur. Co.191020202
Trinidad Fur. Co.191020424
Trinidad Fur. Co.191120870
Trinidad Fur. Co.191019581
Trinidad Fur. Co.191020385
Trinidad Fur. Co.191020278
Trinidad Furniture190615638
Trinidad Furniture Co.190716544
Trinidad Furniture Co.190716658
Trinidad Furniture Co.190716618
Trinidad H. S. Basketball Boys191825669
Trinidad H. S. Basketball Girls191825652
Trinidad H. S. Basketball Team192629585
Trinidad H. S. Basketball Team192729831
Trinidad H. S. Boys Basketball Gr.191623928
Trinidad H. S. Girls Basketball Gr.191623929
Trinidad High School192429085
Trinidad High School192429240
Trinidad High School Athletic191120959
Trinidad Motor Sales Co.192529340
Trinidad Police18974759
Trinidad Police Dept.192529481
Trinidad Police Force192429125
Trinidad Undertaking Co.192328832
Trinidad Undertaking Co.191120776
Trinidad Water Works191624270
Trinidad Water Works191120747
Union Coal Co.19006780
Union Coal Co.19007413
Union Coal Co.1900322
United Mine Workers191825725
Valentine Bros.192027248
Victor Fuel Co.190210903
Vulcan Fuel Co.190817148
Wales Orchard1890195
Walls Patent and Promoting190918293
Wilder Bros.190110725
Willard & Lee191322561
Wilson & Smothers18953834
Woman of Woodcraft191120768
Woodman of World190919372
Wooster Bros.190312662
Zannovello Bros.190918750
Zannovello Bros.191322346
Zannovello Bros.190716236
Zarrovelli Bros.191623962
Zimmerman & Gottlieb18996228
Zimmerman Bros.18932770
Zimmerman Bros.190311895