2016 Stephen. H Hart Awards for Historic Preservation

14th Annual Governor's Award for Historic Preservation

Four-story building filled with store fronts on the main floor. The first three floors have a red brick color while the top floor has an off-white finish.

Rehabilitated Tabor Grand Hotel - Governor's Award for Historic Preservation 2016

City of Leadville, Mayor Jamie Stuever, and Overland Property Group 

Rehabilitation of the Tabor Grand Hotel

Built between 1883 and 1885 using contributions from Leadville Silver King Horace Tabor, the Tabor Grand Hotel has gone through more than a century of busts and booms. Today the grand building survives as not only an architectural treasure but also a testament to the dedication of its community. Led by Mayor Jamie Stuever, the City of Leadville, in partnership with Overland Property Group, rehabilitated the building to accommodate 37 affordable housing apartments, showing that high-style historic architecture can create opportunities for the community outside of luxury lodging.

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State Archaeologist’s Award

Landscape image of large red rock formation in Roxborough State Park

Red rock formations at Roxborough State Park - State Archaeologist's Award 2016

Roxborough State Park

Fostering a Positive Public Appreciation for the Archaeological Heritage of Roxborough State Park

As one of only two Archaeological Districts listed in the National Register of Historic Places in the Denver metro area, Roxborough State Park, led by Volunteer and Interpretive Services Manager Angel Tobin, has taken active steps since 2011 to create robust educational and outreach opportunities that engage visitors in the archaeological history of the area. Through hands-on events, activities, and programs, Roxborough State Park’s recent efforts are going above and beyond to educate volunteers and visitors on the archaeological history of the region.

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Stephen H. Hart Awards

A single story white depot building with a brown gable roof. There is a large wooden loading platform extended from the depot building.

Como Depot - 2016 Hart Award winner 

David Tomkins and Partners 

Restoration of Como Depot

One of three surviving structures listed in the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Como Roundhouse, Railroad Depot, and Hotel Complex, the Como Depot was built in 1879 as a major terminal on the Denver & South Park Railroad line. In 2008 after the depot had been neglected for more than 70 years of neglect, David Tomkins and partners began work to preserve the deteriorated building. In 2015 after years of challenges, the Depot reopened for public use.

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Black and white image of single story church at the base of a steep hill. There is a bell tower above the front entrance to the church.

Little Church in the Pines - 2016 Hart Award winner

Stewards of the Little Church in the Pines

Preservation of the Little Church in the Pines

Built in 1908, the quaint Little Church in the Pines in the small mining community of Salina in Boulder is maintained by a small membership whose efforts in the last five years have been exemplary stewards, preserving the historic church following disasters like the devastating 2013 floods through swift community action and dedication, all while upholding appropriate preservation standards.

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