2017 Stephen H. Hart Awards for Historic Preservation

Governors Award for Historic Preservation

Black and white image of a two-section sign with the first reading "Bent's New Fort" and the other reading "Sante Fe National Historic Trail" with a logo next it. The sign sits in a field surrounded by barbed wire.

Sign for Bent's New Fort on the Sante Fe National Historic Trail - Governor's Award for Historic Preservation

Gary and Lilly McCall, owners; Alexa Roberts and Michael Taylor of the National Park Service

For the preservation, interpretation, and stewardship of Bent’s New Fort

This unique collaboration between the private owners and the National Park Service resulted in the nomination of one of Colorado’s most historic sites to the National Register of Historic Places.  Bent’s New Fort represents several facets of Colorado’s trade, settlement, and military history.  You can learn more about Bent’s New Fort here.

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State Historic Preservation Officer’s Award

Image of a dark brown cabin on a well manicured lawn on a cloudless day. A picnic table sits on a cement patio in front of the cabin.

Department of Energy Grand Junction Office - State Historic Preservation Officer's Award 2017

April V. Gil, Ph.D., U.S. Department of Energy Office of Legacy Management; Jon Horn, Alpine Archaeological Consultants, Inc.; Jon Maraschin, Riverview Technology Corporation

For the National Register nomination of the Department of Energy Grand Junction Office

The Department of Energy Grand Junction Office played a critical role in the Manhattan Project—the secret effort to develop an atomic bomb during World War II.  Because of the hard work of these awardees, the historic site and cabin are preserved and recognized for the role they played in world history.

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State Archaeologist’s Award

Image of Susan Collins at an archaeological site in a blue jacket. She is holding a rope and laughing surrounded by peers

Susan Collins Ph.D. - State Archaeologist Award Winner 2017

Susan Collins, Ph.D.

For her service to Colorado as State Archaeologist

Dr. Susan Collins is the former Colorado State Archaeologist.  Her career spans decades of field and regulatory work, leaving a lasting impact on Colorado and regional archaeology.

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Hart Awards

Image of seven members of the Ute Mountain Ute Historic Preservation Office holding up their awards.

Seven members of the Ute Mountain Ute Historic Preservation Office holding up their Hart awards.

Terry Knight and Lynn W. Hartman, Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Historic Preservation Office

For the recognition and preservation of Ute Mountain Ute history and heritage

The Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Historic Preservation Office has consistently been one of the strongest such offices in the state. Knight and Hartman have worked tirelessly as advocates for and examples of tribal representation in preservation efforts in Colorado and beyond.

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Image of an old wood cabin with a small front porch and a gable roof. The cabin sits at the base of a steep hill covered in green pine trees.

Log cabin with a gable roof and a small front porch that is a remanence of the Animas Forks mining town.

Bureau of Land Management Tres Rios Field Office; Mountain Studies Institute; San Juan County; San Juan County Historical Society

For the preservation of Animas Forks

The Animas Forks mining town still stands thanks to the incredible collaborative efforts of private and public partners. Animas Forks is an incredible resource, with multiple intact, original buildings representing the mining history of Colorado.

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A three story white building faced with ionic columns around all sides. The image is taken from a diagonal angle across the street exposing the front and right side of the building. A small tower with a dome lies on top.

A three story white building faced with ionic columns around all sides provides an example of Lee Merkel's work in historic preservation. 

Lee Merkel

For a career of service in historic preservation

Lee Merkel of the Department of Local Affairs has, throughout his career, gone above and beyond in order to make preservation a priority.  His work across the state to preserve historic resources is an example for all public servants.

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A two-story white home with a brown gable roof. There are porches on the front and back of the house with white wooden arches at the entry of the home.

The two-story white Schweiger Ranch featuring a brown gable roof. The preservation of this home by the Schweiger Ranch Foundation won one of the 2017 Hart Awards.

Schweiger Ranch Foundation

For the preservation of Schweiger Ranch

The historic Schweiger Ranch in Lone Tree is a marvel of historic preservation.  Amidst development all along the Front Range, the Schweiger Ranch Foundation has managed to keep the historic ranch preserved and safe from destruction.

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