2018 Stephen H. Hart Awards for Historic Preservation

2018 Governor's Award for Historic Preservation

Lake County Open Space Initiative: 20 Years of Preserving Place in Lake County

A panoramic shot of rural Lake County valley and the mountains beyond.

The Lake County Open Space Initiative has preserved place in Lake County for over 20 years.

Lake County Open Space Initiative

LCOSI is celebrating 20 years of preserving place in Lake County. The initiative’s projects include the cleanup of the Arkansas River, the preservation of Hayden Ranch, documentation of the Derry Mining Camp, the Lake County Ecosystems Management Plan, the Hayden Ranch Trail System interpretive signage, and Ranch Heritage Days.

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2018 State Historic Preservation Officer's Award

Hinsdale County, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, Town of Lake City, LKA Gold, Lake City DIRT, Inc., Bureau of Land Management, Alpine Archaeological Consultants, Inc.
Ute-Ulay Mine and Mill Stabilization and National Register Nomination

The Ute Ulay Damn over Henson Creek

The Ute-Ulay Mine and Mill is a significant site of historic mining activity.

Jon Horn

The Ute-Ulay Mine and Mill stabilization project and National Register nomination represent an incredible partnership of a diverse set of public and private interests and backgrounds, made possible by the recognition of the historic value of the site.


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2018 State Archaeologist's Award

An exposed Puebloan site at Arrowhead Ridge

The Arrowhead Ridge development project resulted in the discovery of Ancestral Puebloan archaeological resources.

Britt Bassett (developer), Barry and Cynthia Hillmer (landowners), City of Durango Planning Division

Arrowhead Ridge

This project exemplifies the successful and respectful implementation of local historic preservation by the City of Durango and a private developer.

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2018 Hart Awards

A crowd at the Bromley Koizuma-Hishinuma Farm grand opening event.

The Bromley/ Koizuma-Hishinuma Farm is a site of great agricultural and ethnic heritage.

Gary Wardle, Mark Heidt, and Dianne Secord (City of Brighton Parks and Recreation Department); Kathy Lingo and Len Lingo (Avenue L Architects); Marilyn Martorano (Martoranao Consultants); Bill Granda (H.W. Houston, contractor) 

Bromley Farm/Koizuma-Hishinuma Farm Rehabilitation

The City of Brighton Parks and Recreation Department illustrates excellence in historic preservation and archaeology through its successful acquisition and ten year rehabilitation of the Bromley Farm/Koizuma-Hishinuma Farm located on Bromley Lane in south-central Brighton.



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The restored Coal Creek School, a single story school house with stone walls, two front doors, and window.

The restored Coal Creek School.

Rio Blanco County Historical Society, Inc., Rio Blanco County

Coal Creek School Restoration

A five-year restoration project of the National Register-listed Coal Creek School. 

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