Collage of Colorado Archaeology & Historic Preservation posters from 1990 to 2017.


2021 Archaeology & Historic Preservation Month Poster Contest


Calling all Future Archaeologists and Historic Preservationists! 

May is Colorado Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month (AHPM). Professionals from around the state used to come together to design a poster celebrating Colorado’s archaeology and historic preservation. While professionals are pretty smart, the people, places, and things that we preserve are important to everyone! We are looking to the future and asking YOU to design Colorado’s AHPM poster.

How the Past Meets the Present

Archaeology is “the study of people in the past.” While the field of archaeology comes in a lot of shapes and sizes with all sorts of jobs you can have, the most important aspect about archaeology is that it is a way of learning about people in the past. These people can be anyone. What we learn about them can be anything. The thing to remember is that it is about people (sorry, dinosaurs).

For this year’s AHPM poster contest, think about an archaeological site (any place that people did something - preferably more than fifty years ago, though there might be archaeology in your backyard), or an artifact (anything that a person used - preferably older, though the milk jug in the trash can is technically an artifact) and try to answer the question, “How does the past meet the present?” Think about the people that the site or artifact you picked represents. Think about the activities and parts of the people’s lives we can learn about. Think about the people living today that have a direct connection and what that looks like, feels like, and means to them. Are the people your ancestors? Do you know someone connected to the site or artifact?

After all that thinking, create an original “How the Past Meets the Present” design representing your thoughts, feelings, and hard work.

Having trouble coming up with an archaeological site or an artifact? 

Do some research! Listen to the people! Here are some websites to try.

The image/poster should be no larger than 18 inches x 24 inches (1296 x 1728 pixels). Upload digital images as a .jpg, .pdf, or .png. All digital submissions should be no less than 300 dpi.

Try to use as few words as possible, but include a good title or catchphrase and 3-5 important facts from your research.

To make your poster, use materials commonly found in your home, photographs that you or someone you know took, or original artwork you created (for example: a drawing or painting).

Register for the contest using this Google form (you do not need to have a Google account to use the form). Make sure you fill out your name, grade, school, and county where you live!
Send your image to by May 8, 2021

If you have any questions, contact Assistant State Archaeologist, Becca Simon, at the same email address,

Posters will be judged in three groups: High School, Middle School (or Junior High School), and Elementary

Winning submissions will be become a part of 2021’s Colorado AHPM poster series or combined into a single poster (depending on the entries) to be featured on History Colorado’s website and social media. Physical copies will be available in limited quantities.


AHPM Poster Winners 2020

Research and original content by Chloe Tafoya and Meira McCall. Final poster design by Elena Haverluk.

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