El Pueblo History Museum Grandma Trunks

Artifacts can be found in the most surprising of places- for example, in a grandmother’s trunk. El Pueblo History Museum’s Grandma Trunks recreate this experience for a classroom environment, by representing the artifacts and items of historical importance that may be found in an old trunk or suitcase in your grandmother’s attic. Through the artifacts you can explore the history of a particular individual, and from that learn about the history of our culture, society, and the state of Colorado.

Grandma Trunks can be checked out from El Pueblo History Museum and taken into your classroom. Each one has its own story for students to discover through interactive, hands-on activities, and links to a particular part of Colorado history.

The Grandma Trunks are recommended for 4th and 5th grades. Each one contains between 10 and 20 items, and includes a 4-day lesson plan with different activities for each day. Teachers can adapt the lesson plans to any classroom or age group. There are currently two types of trunk available: Mountain Man Trunks and Hispano Trunks.

Trunks can be picked up from El Pueblo History Museum free of charge, or can be delivered for a $10 fee within 10 miles of the museum plus 50 cents per additional mile. Trunks are to be checked out and returned on Fridays.

Check out a trunk online here!

If you have any questions, please call Tamara Trujillo at 719-583-0453 for more information.


Mountain Man Trunks (2 available)
Early French and American fur trappers were some of the first non-Natives to enter Colorado. These trunks represent the history of those mountain men, and include artifacts such as furs, hats, and supplies.

Hispano Trunks (2 available)
The heritage and culture of Hispano and Latino citizens is central to the history of Colorado. These trunks explore that heritage through artifacts including tools, household items, and retablos.