Collection Guides

Collection guides provide information about the contents of History Colorado's collections. Some collection guides cover only archival or photographic material, while others also include information about objects and artifacts that are related to archival or photographic collections.

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1st Colorado Infantry Regiment, Spanish American War, photo albums (Ph.00001)


L. Gale Abels Collection (Mss.02643)

Joseph B. Abbott Collection (Mss.00001)

Alva Adams Collection (Mss.00002)

Andy Adams Collection (Mss.00003)

Eliza Adams Collection (Mss.02305)

Robert Adams Photographs Collection (Ph.00004)

Advertising Club of Denver Scrapbook (mss.00004)

Akron, Colorado Collection (mss.00005)

Alexander Industries Collection (mss.01248; ph.00006)

Charles P. Allen Patent (mss.02165)

Henry C. Allen Collection (mss.00007)

Orren Allen Collection (mss.00008)

Sylvester Allen (mss.00009)

Leon V. Almirall (mss.00010)

Alpine Gold Mining (mss.00011)

Amtrak (MSS 780)

Anaconda Gold Mining Co. (mss.00013)

Susan Andrews Colorado Stories: Colorado Academy (mss.02634)

Angels Guide, East High School (mss.02333)

Scott J. Anthony (mss.00014)

Arapahoe County, Colorado (mss.00015)

Argentine Central Railway (MSS 781)

Arkansas Valley Ditch Association (mss.00016)

Arkansas Valley Interurban Railway (MSS 782)

Arkansas Valley Railway (MSS 783)

Col. John Arkins Collection (mss.00017)

Town of Ashcroft, Colorado (mss.00018)

Aspen, Colorado Scrapbook (mss.00019)

Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies Collection (mss.00020; ph.00013)

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad (MSS 784)

James Atkins Correspondence (mss.00021)

Aultman Studio (Trinidad, Colo.) photographs collection (ph.00500)

Auraria Town Company (mss.00023)

Charles Autobees (mss.00024)

Jose Mariano Autobees (mss.00025)

Autographs Collection (mss.02069)

William J. Axford Collection (mss.00026; ph.00017)


Jim Baker (mss.00029)

Bakery & Confectionery Workers Union, Local 26 (mss.00030)

Maj. General Frank Baldwin (mss.00031)

I.J. Baldwin (mss.00032)

Ballots of Colorado Electors, 1917 Presidential Election (mss.02166)

Nesmith Evans Bane (mss.00033)

Bank of Leadville, Colorado (mss.00378)

Bank of Telluride check register for the Emma Gold Mining Company (mss.02639)

Barker Family Collection (mss.00034; ph.00020)

Libeus Barney (mss.00035)

John L. Barr (mss.00036)

Evelyn Barrick Barbed Wire Collection (mss.01234)

Barton House (mss.00037)

George F. Batchelder (mss.00038)

Bates Company (mss.00039)

Benecia Batione (mss.00040)

Baur's Collection (mss.02624; ph.00562)

George A.H. Baxter (mss.00041)

Bay City Gold Mines (mss.00042)

Pierre Bayaud (mss.00043)

Bayly Corporation Collection (mss.01485; ph.00022)

Bear Canon Coal Company (mss.00044)

Grace M. Beard (mss.00045)

George Beardsley (mss.00046)

Beaver, Penrose & Northern Railway (MSS 785)

Claud E. Becker Family (mss.00047)

William Abraham Bell (mss.00049)

Frederica Bellamy Collection (mss.00050; ph.00024)

Ella Costilla Bennett (mss.00051)

Alfred Ernest Bent (mss.00053)

George Bent (mss.00054)

Bent's Old Fort (MSS 55)

Edward L. Berthoud (mss.00056)

Bessemer Town Hall (mss.00057)

Pinckney C. and William D. Bethell Papers (mss.00058)

Clifford A. Betts (mss.00059)

Big Five Mining Company (mss.00060)

Bill-Jim Mining Company (mss.00061)

Martin Bischoff Collection (mss.01509)

Black Hawk, Colorado (mss.00062)

Blackway-Schlaefle Family (mss.00063)

Blake Street, Denver CO (mss.00065)

Truman Blancett (mss.00066)

Clark Blickensderfer Photographs Collection (ph.00033)

Frank G. Bloom (mss.00067)

Alonzo Harris Boardman (mss.00068)

Claude Boettcher (mss.00070)

Albert G. Boone (mss.00072)

Harry M. Booth (mss.00073)

Levi Booth Family (mss.00074)

A.G. Bowes & Son Company (mss.01087)

Bowman-Moore Family Papers (mss.00979)

John M. Boyle (mss.00075)

Albert G. Brackett (mss.00076)

W.A. Braiden (mss.00077)

Henry C. Brainard Collection (mss.01199)

Breon Confectionery (mss.00078)

Broadmoor Mountaineer (MSS 786)

Henrietta Bromwell (mss.00079)

Henry Pelham Holmes Bromwell (mss.00080)

Bromwell and Sleeth (mss.00081)

Alexander McDonald Brooks Collection (mss.00082)

Donald F. Brown (mss.00083)

J.S. Brown & Brother Mercantile Company (mss.00088)

Lawrence Brown (mss.00084)

Mary Butler Brown (mss.00085)

Thomas Greatoreux Brown (mss.00086)

William Carson Brown (mss.00087)

John Bruce (mss.00089)

D.W. Brunton (mss.00090)

Thomas J. Buchanan (mss.00091)

John Buchannan Collection (mss.02618)

Zella Bucher Family Collection (mss.02343)

Reuben O. Buell (mss.00092)

Bull-Domingo Mining and Leasing Company (mss.00093)

Elmer R. Burkey (mss.00094)

Edward Burnett (mss.00095)

John J. Burns (mss.00096)

Hiram Burton (mss.00097)

Busk Tunnel Railway (MSS 787)

Francis Byrne (mss.00098)


Luke Cahill (mss.00099)

Lt. Colonel Lambert B. Cain Collection (mss.02621)

Alfred Phineas Camp (mss.00100)

John F. Campion (mss.00102)

Frank J. Cannon (mss.00103)

Canon City & Cripple Creek Electric Railway (MSS 788)

Canon de Agua Railroad (MSS 789)

Carbon County Railway (MSS 790)

Carbondale Livery, Feed, & Transfer Barn (mss.02601)

Arthur H. Carhart (mss.00104)

Carnegie Veterans Association (mss.00105)

Farrington Carpenter (mss.00106)

Benjamin and Harriet Carr (mss.00107)

Byron L. Carr (mss.00108)

Ralph Carr and Lee E. Sanders Correspondence (mss.02272)

Christopher "Kit" Carson (mss.00109)

Cartwright Realty Company (mss.00110)

Castle Forks, Colorado (mss.00111)

Castle Rock Mountain Railway & Park (MSS 791)

Charles Cavender (mss.00112)

Chacon-Barela Wedding Invitation (mss.02620)

Charles Stone Timber Company (MSS 792)

Cherry Creek Settlements (mss.00190)

Cheyenne & Northern Railway (MSS 793)

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (MSS 794)

Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway (MSS 795)

Chicosa Canon Railroad (MSS 796)

George Henry Church (mss.00114)

Citizens Coal & Coke Company (MSS 797)

City Bank of Leadville, Colorado (mss.00115)

Civic Federation of Denver (mss.00116)

Civil War Centennial (mss.00117)

Civil War Military Records (mss.00118)

George T. Clark Collection (mss.00119)

Rufus Clark (mss.00120)

Fred Payne Clatworthy Collection (ph.00560)

George W. Clayton Collection (mss.00121)

Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties (mss.00123)

Climax Molybdenum Division, American Metal Climax Company (mss.00124)

Carroll Coberly (mss.00125)

William F. Cody (mss.00126)

Louis Cohen (mss.00127)

Henry and Herbert E. Collbran (mss.00128)

Alice Light Collier (mss.00129)

Joseph Collier (mss.00130)

Mary Ann Hodgson Collins Family Collection (mss.00131)

Collom Demountable Ring Manufacturing Company (mss.00132)

Colorado & Northwestern Railway (MSS 798)

Colorado & Pacific Railroad (MSS 799)

Colorado & Southern Railway Company (Mss.01219)

Colorado & Texas Railway Construction Company (MSS 801)

Colorado Aviation Historical Society, Denver (Mss.00134)

Colorado Central Railroad (MSS 802)

Colorado Civil Air Patrol (Mss.00136)

Colorado Day on Guam (Mss.00137)

Colorado Fire Lookout Tower Collection (Mss.02651)

Colorado Fuel & Iron Corporation (Mss.00138)

Colorado Midland Railroad (MSS 803)

Colorado Military, Colorado National Guard (Mss.00142)

Colorado Mothers (Mss.00012)

Colorado Mother's Committee (Mss.00143)

Colorado Mountain Club (Mss.00144)

Colorado Nurses Association (Mss.00146)

Colorado Political Literature (Mss.02637)

Colorado Railroad Commission (MSS 804)

Colorado Railroad Company (MSS 805)

Colorado River (Mss.00147)

Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek District Railway (MSS 806)

Colorado Springs & Manitou Railroad (MSS 807)

Colorado Springs Mining Stock Association (Mss.00148)

Colorado Stage Company (Mss.00149)

Colorado State Forestry Association (Mss.00150)

Colorado State Medical Society (Mss.00151)

Colorado State Public Utilities (Mss.00152)

Colorado Stock Growers Files (Mss.00153)

Colorado Subject Collection: Biographical Files

Colorado Subject Collection: Geographical Files

Colorado Superior Mining Company (Mss.00154)

Colorado Territory Supreme Court (Mss.00155)

Colorado - Utah Construction Company (MSS 808)

Colorado Veteran's Bureau (Mss.00156)

Colorado Volunteers (Mss.00157)

Colorado Volunteers - Civil War (Mss.00141)

Colorado Western Railroad (Mss.00365)

Colorado Wonderland Association (Mss.00158)

Colorado Yule Marble Company (Mss.00159)

Como Iron, Coal, & Land Company (Mss.00160)

Continental Fuel Company (MSS 810)

Herman H. and Carrie M. Cordes (Mss.00163)

Dan Corson Thesis and Research Material: Dana Crawford (Mss.02633)

William Z. Cozens (Mss.00166)

Katherine Lee Craig (Mss.00167)

David C. Crawford, Certificate of Election (Mss.02167)

George A. Crawford (Mss.00168)

Creede Pioneer Society of Denver (Mss.00170)

Crested Butte, Colorado Hotel Register (Mss.00172)

Herschel J. Crim (Mss.00173)

Cripple Creek & Colorado Springs Railroad (MSS 811)

Cripple Creek Central (MSS 812)

Cripple Creek District Bar Association (Mss.00174)

Frank Cummings (Mss.00175)


Dallas Terminal Company (MSS 1094)

Charles Danforth (Mss.00177)

Danielson and Brown (Mss.00178)

Clarence and Ralph Danielson (Mss.00179)

Daughters of the American Revolution of Colorado (Mss.00180)

Mary O. Davis (Mss.00182)

Thomas F. Dawson (Mss.00183)

Frank Dean (Mss.00184)

David DeHarport Collection (Ph.00501)

Horace Tool DeLong (Mss.00185)

Democratic National Convention 2008 Collection (Mss.02268)

William Denison (Mss.00186)

Denver & El Paso Independent Railroad (MSS 814)

Denver & Intermountain Railroad (MSS 815)

Denver & Middle Park Railroad (MSS 817)

Denver & New Orleans Railroad (MSS 818)

Denver & Northwestern (MSS 819)

Denver & Rio Grande Express Company (Mss.00187)

Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad (MSS 513)

Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Company photographs collection

Denver & South Park Construction & Land Company (MSS 821)

James W. Denver (Mss.00194)

Denver Athletic Club (additions) (Mss.00188)

Denver, Boulder & Western (​MSS 823)

Denver City Town Company Record Book (Mss.01813)

Denver, Colorado Springs & Pueblo Motorway (MSS 1095)

Denver, Cripple Creek & Southwestern Railroad (MSS 824)

Denver Council of Defense (Mss.00165)

Denver Dry Goods Company (Mss.02636)

Denver Federation of Colored Women's Clubs (Mss.3040)

John Denver Television Film Specials Collection (Ph.00575)

Denver, Lakewood & Golden Railroad (MSS 825)

Denver, Laramie & Northwestern Railroad  (MSS 826)

Denver Orphans' Home Records (Mss.00196)

Denver Panorama Company (Mss.00197)

Denver Police Auxiliary for Civil Defense (Mss.00198)

Denver Post Mining Bureau Land Claim (Mss.02600)

Denver Post Office (Mss.00200)

Denver Union Water Company (Mss.00201)

Denver Volunteer Fire Department: Woodie Fisher Hose Company Collection (Mss.02605)

Denver Women's Press Club (Mss.00203)

Mamie C. Derbyshire (Mss.00204)

James Vila Dexter (Mss.00206)

Dexter Cabin & Healy House Interpretive Materials (Mss.00379)

Domestic Water Company (Mss.00208)

James Rood Doolittle (Mss.00210)

Jacob Downing (Mss.00211)

Warwick M. Downing (Mss.00212)

Doyle Mines (Mss.00213)

Mary Wilcox Dreyer Photograph Albums (Ph.00128)

George B. Dubois (Mss.00215)

Charles R. Dudley (Mss.00216)

Jacob P. Dunn (Mss.00217)


Hugh C. Edmiston (Mss.00220)

George W. Eichler (Mss.00221)

Mamie Doud Eisenhower (Mss.00222)

Joseph W. Emerson papers (Mss.02632)

Felipe Nerio and Vivian Espinosa (Mss.00224)

Joel Estes (Mss.00225)

Amos F. Estrada Papers (Mss.02630)

Governor John Evans (Mss.00226)


Adam Thomas Farish (Mss.00227)

Farm Investment Company (Mss.00228)

Margaret Felt (Mss.00230)

W.F. Ferguson (Mss.00232)

Will C. Ferril (Mss.00233)

First Baptist Church of Denver (Mss.00234)

Fertig, Lepkovitz, and Baxter Family Papers (Mss.02616)

Ellen Fisher Correspondence (Mss.02640)

Florence and Arthur Fisher (Mss.00238)

Fisher Family Collection (Mss.02394)

Thomas Fitzpatrick (Mss.00240)

George Alexander Forsyth (Mss.00244)

Fort Garland (Mss.00245)

Henry M. Fosdick (Mss.00247)

John M. Francisco (Mss.00248)

Free Coinage Gold Mining Co. (Mss.00332)

John C. Fremont (Mss.00249)

Louis Powell French (Mss.00250)

Maurice Frink (Mss.00251)

Rufus K. Frisbee (Mss.00252)

Oliver P. Fritchle Collection (MSS 1292)

Albert Sheridan Frost (Mss.00253)

Capt. Hildreth Frost (Mss.00254)

Capt. Hildreth Frost, Additions (Mss.00254A)

Robert Fulkerson Collection (Mss.02626)


Elias L. Gallatin (Mss.00258)

James A. Garfield, letter to D. Sumner (Mss.02070)

Garland Oil (Mss.00259)

Ken Gaunt Research Material: Colorado Medal of Honor (Mss.02635)

Georgetown Mining, Power, & Transportation Company (Mss.00262)

German Methodist Episcopal Church of Denver Records (Mss.02615)

Elbridge Gerry (Mss.00264)

Gerspach's First Addition, Denver (Mss.00265)

Robert and Helen Gibbon (Mss.00266)

Gilpin County Miner's Court (Mss.00267)

William Gilpin (Additions) (Mss.00268)

Gold and Silver Extraction Company (Mss.00269)

Gold King Mines Corporation (Mss.00996)

Golden City Association (Mss.00270)

Alva Gomer (Mss.00271)

Consuelo Baca Gonzales Photographs Collection (Ph.00018)

Virginia Dantice Goodman Photographs Collection (Ph.00563)

Winifred Gordon (Mss.00272)

Grand Army of the Republic, Colorado & Wyoming (Mss.00273)

Grand Junction Fruit Growers Association (Mss.00274)

Ulysses S. Grant (Mss.00275)

William West Grant (Mss.00276)

Frank E. Gregg (Mss.00278)

Mary Guerber (Mss.00279)

Vincenzo Guerrieri Collection (Mss.02164)

Julius Gunter (Mss.00280)


Edwin L. and M.A.K. Hagar (Mss.00281)

Hanneman Medical Company (Mss.00283)

Horace M. Hale (Mss.00284)

Charles L. Hall Family (Mss.00285)

Frank Hall (Mss.00286)

Hallack and Howard Lumber Company (Mss.00288)

A.J. Hamman (Mss.00291)

Edward Charles Hanley (Mss.00292)

Edwin Harrison (Mss.00293)

William S. Hart (Mss.00294)

George Harvey, Jr. Photograph Albums (Ph.00094)

John Harvey (Mss.00296)

Thomas Nelson Haskell (Mss.00297)

Henry James Hawley (Mss.00298)

J.B. Hawley Merchandise Company (Mss.00299)

William Haywood (Mss.00300)

Hearings in Water Cases, Black Hawk, Colorado (Mss.00122)

Heart Mountain Location Center (Mss.00302)

Heiland Research Corp. Photographs Collection (Ph.00200)

John P. Heisler Collection (Mss.02602)

Hendricks Family History Collection (Mss.02610)

Hendrie and Bolthoff Manufacturing and Supply Company (Mss.00304)

Frederick William Henry (Mss.00305)

Highland Town Company (Mss.00306)

Alice Hale Hill (Mss.00308)

Alice Polk Hill (Mss.00307)

Crawford and Louise S. Hill (Mss.00309)

Nathaniel Peter Hill (Mss.00310)

Nathaniel P. and Crawford Hill Accounting Books Collection (Mss.2646)

Hilliard and Hilliard (Mss.00311)

Himelgrin Family Papers (Mss.02613)

Michael Creed Hinderlider (Mss.00312)

Hinsdale County vs. Mineral County, Colorado (Mss.00313)

Henry and Trudy Hirokawa photographs collection (Ph.00526)

J.T. Holliday Lumber (Mss.00316)

Marmaduke Holt (Mss.00317)

Home Forum Benefit Order (Mss.00318)

William H. Hornby Collection (Mss.02606)

Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs (Mss.00320)

Hotel de Paris, Georgetown (Mss.00321)

Frank B. Hough (Mss.00322)

John Hough (Mss.00323)

Dorothy Hover (Mss.00324)

William A. Hover (Mss.00325)

Ralph B. Hubbard (Mss.00326)

Cecile Hughes: Wolcott School Scrapbook (Mss.02271)

Charles J. Hughes (Mss.00328)

Humbolt Mine (Mss.00330)

Absalom V. Hunter (Mss.00333)

John Arthur Hutchinson (Mss.00336)


Il Circolo Italian Archives (Mss.02608)

John W. Iliff (Mss.00337)

Inter-Ocean Hotel (Mss.00338)

Irwin & Brown (Mss.00339)


William Henry Jackson (Mss.00341)

William Henry Jackson photographs collection (Ph.00648)

Harry C. James (Mss.00342)

Jean Allard Jeancon (Mss.00343)

Jefferson Territory (Mss.00344)

Andrew Jenson (Mss.00345)

John Lathrop Jerome (Mss.00346)

Governor Ed Johnson (Mss.00347)

Henry V. Johnson (Mss.00348)

Tom Loftin Johnson (Mss.00350)

Joint Memorial of the Legislature of Colorado Territory (Mss.03059)

Juneteenth Celebration 1991, Denver (Mss.02619)


Kalisher-Rosenzweig (Mss.00351)

George Washington Kassler (Mss.00352)

Frank Kastory (Mss.00353)

Luke Kavanaugh (Mss.00354)

Nathaniel Shepard Keith (Mss.00355)

William R. Kelly (Mss.00356)

John Kemp (Mss.00357)

Frank Clarence Kendrick (Mss.00358)

Ben H. King (Mss.00359)

Kenneth Kendal King Scrapbooks (Mss.02649)

Hugh M. Kingery (Mss.00360)

George Kirkland (Mss.00361)

Kistler Stationery (Mss.00362)

John Knight (Mss.00364)

Ku Klux Klan (Mss.00366)

Charles E. Kuhn (Mss.00367)

George Frederick Kunz (Mss.00368)


Ladd & Schuyler (Mss.00370)

Harry H. Lake Collection (Mss.02076; Ph.00249)

Land Grants (Mss.00374)

Florence M. Lane (Mss.00375)

Mary F. Lathrop (Mss.00376)

J. John Lawrence (Mss.00377)

Leadville Strike Reports 1896-1898 (Mss.00334)

G.W. Lechner (Mss.00381)

Roy G. Lee (Mss.00383)

Junius R. Lewis (Mss.00384)

Lawrence Lewis (Mss.00385)

Edward B. Light (Mss.00386)

Abraham Lincoln Collection (Mss.01355)

Lincoln Kitchen (Mss.00388)

Benjamin Barr Lindsey (Mss.00389)

Lobach Family Collection (Mss.02611)

George B. Long (Mss.00391)

Stephen H. Long (Mss.00393)

Long's Peak (Mss.00372)

Charlotte S. Lord (Mss.00395)

Lort Sisters Collection (Mss.02604)

Jesse Barton Lovell (Mss.00396)

Lower Boulder Ditch Company (Mss.00397)

Lancaster Lupton (Mss.00398)

James E. Lyons (Mss.00399)

Leslie N. Lytle (Mss.00400)


MacBeth and May (Mss.00402)

Anne Waring White Maer Papers (Mss.02641)

William F. Mahoney (Mss.00417)

Manitou Mineral Water Company (Mss.00421)

Gary Massaro Collection (Mss.02645)

May Queen Leasing & Mining Company (Mss.00237)

Henry McAllister, Jr. (Mss.00401)

Jessie C. McBreen (Mss.00403)

Lillian H. McClung (Mss.00405)

Quantrille Day McClung (Mss.00406)

Edward McCook (Mss.00408)

Guy W. McCreery (Mss.00410)

Maj. Israel McCreight (Mss.00411)

Flora E. McCune (Mss.00412)

PFC M. McDonald, letter to Miss Retha Snapp (Mss.02163)

Mary Morgan McDonald (Mss.00413)

Midwest Steel & Iron Co. Collection (Mss.03096; Ph.00587)

Morey Mercantile Company Collection (Mss.00714)

Morey Mercantile Company: Solitaire Brand Collection (Mss.02609)

Moving Image Collection Inventory


Neusteter's Department Store photographs collection (Ph.00294)

Niederhut Carriage Company Collection (Mss.01229)


Sue O'Brien Papers: The Denver Newspaper War (Mss.02628)

M.J. O'Fallon Supply Company Catalogues (Mss.02631)

Official Ballot for Registration Ward and District 8, Election Precinct 10, City and County of Denver, May 17, 1904 (Mss.02270)

John C. Osgood Collection (Mss.02625)


Panorama photographs collection

Harold W. Patton, Jr. Collection (Mss.02539)

Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School & Camp Collection (MSS 1061; Ph.00322)

Poem, Midnight Meditations, No. 5 by Old Grandpa (Mss.02045)

Winter Prather Collection (Ph.00332)

Presbyterian Hospital of Colorado Correspondence (Mss.02617)

Price Family Bible (Mss.02614)

Pure Foods Manufacturing Company Collection (Mss.02644)


Dean Reed collection (Mss.01455; Ph.00314)

Lydia Maria Ring Collection (Mss.02269)

Glen B. Rogers Papers (Mss.02638)


Senechal Family Collection (Mss.02322)

Shamrock Coal Company (Mss.02335)

Charles Glenn Sheriff (Mss.00277)

Dawn Langley Hall Simmons (Mss.00287)

Virginia McConnell Simmons (Mss.00407)

J. Alden Smith (Mss.00331)

Sylvia Smith Collection (Mss.02525)

Deena Spivak: South High School Diploma (Mss.02168)

Eugene Standingbear Collection (Mss.02650)

Nelle Stevenson collection (Mss.01197; Ph.00005)

Charles S. Stobie Collection (Mss.00609; Ph.00399)

Nathan F. Swan Diaries (Mss.02603)


H.H. Tammen photographs collection (Ph.00412)

Galya Tannenbaum Collection (Mss.02647)

William E. Taylor "Alfalfa Bill" Scrapbook (Mss.00006)

Trachsel Family Photographs Collection (Ph.00495)

Ahrend H. Turban Collection (Mss.02648)


Warshauer Sheep & Wool Company (Mss.02623)

Water Rights Collection (Mss.02607)

Wheeler & Lewis Architects Collection (Mss.02629)

Ted White and Family Business and Personal Papers (Mss.02642)

Wilbur Family Collection (Mss.02612)

Karen Wilde Democratic National Convention Collection (Mss.02622)

Wm. H. Tyler and Sprinkle Account Book (Mss.00728)

Roger W. Woodbury Autograph Book (Mss.01677)

Woodruff Family Collection (Mss.02334)