Copy Services

A copy service is available to researchers. All copies are made by Hart Research Library staff.

Turnaround time for copy orders is generally 3 business days. Large orders may take longer to complete. The maximum number of pages is 50.

Library staff will determine whether items can safely be copied based on the physical state of the item and potential damage that copying may cause.

Copy requests that would violate copyright laws or Collections Use Policies will not be accepted.

Some items that cannot be copied may be photographed by researchers using their own digital cameras according to the terms of the Camera Use Policy.

Please refer to our Copying Policy for more details.

How to request copies of The Colorado Magazine & Colorado Heritage articles

Articles from The Colorado Magazine 1923-1980 are available free online.

To request copies of Colorado Heritage articles:

  1. Search our catalog to find the articles you want.
  2. Send us an email or call us at 303-866-2305 with your request.
  3. Payment may be made by credit card over the phone or by check to:
    Hart Research Library
    History Colorado
    1200 Broadway
    Denver, CO 80203

Cost: $7 per article (if an article is continued in a later edition, the charge is $7 for each installment).
Shipping: Free.