Copying Policy

Photocopying can be one of the most damaging forms of use to which archival materials are subjected. History Colorado's copy service policy is in place to preserve our collections for future researchers.

All copies are made by staff trained to handle fragile materials
Same-day requests are not available
We reserve the right to refuse to copy materials that may be damaged in the process
Copies and PDF scans are intended for research only

Copying Eligibility

History Colorado Collections staff will determine whether materials may be copied based on the physical state of the item and potential damage that copying may cause. Guidelines for copying eligibility include the following:

  • General condition: If the material is fragile, delicate, or at risk of being damaged during copying, staff will not make copies.
  • Number of pages: History Colorado maintains a limit of the lesser of 20% or 50 pages from a book or collection. In order to protect our collections and their copyright holders, additional pages from the same book or collection may not be requested for copying or scanning at a later date.
  • Size: Equipment limit is 11"x17"
  • Tight bindings: The researcher will be notified if bindings are so tight that text on the inner margins will be lost during copying. We are not able to unbind or force open tight bindings.
  • Scrapbooks: Heat from the copying process can loosen glued items. To preserve our scrapbooks, we are unable to make copies from these materials.

What to expect

History Colorado's identity strip appears on all copies and scans. Notify Hart Research Library staff if you have any requests regarding placement of this strip.

Staff will label copies with identifying information and will alert researchers to copyright or collections use issues that may apply. Copying is governed by copyright law and collections use policies which limit copying to the lesser of 20% or 50 pages per item or collection.

Copy requests are usually completed within 3 business days. Large requests may take longer. Copy orders can be delivered via email, US Mail, or pickup at the Library during open hours.

Original materials will not be copied if the items or collections are available in microfilm or scanned format.

All copies and scans are intended for personal and research use only. Copies and scans may not be published, sold, or provided to another repository or individual without written permission from History Colorado.

If we cannot copy materials

We are pleased to offer alternative means of reproduction if copying is not possible:

  • Researchers may photograph materials in the reading room according to the terms of our Camera Use Policy.
  • Staff may be able to photograph materials for patrons who are unable to visit the Library in person, or if we are unable to copy materials safely.

If you have any questions about our copying policy, please contact us at