Cottage Gas Station

An example of cottage gas station architectural style.

A cottage gas station in Lamar.

The Cottage type station represents efforts by gasoline companies to build stations compatible with residential neighborhoods.  The stations featured steeply pitched side-gabled roofs, gabled entries, multi-light office windows, and sometimes even massive chimneys, though strictly as non-functioning decoration.  Cottage stations were built in large numbers all across Colorado in the 1920s.

Photograph of abandoned cottage gas station.

Abandoned Cottage-type station in Seibert

Later Cottage stations often featured free-standing automobile service buildings, or had attached service bays in the character of a house and garage.

Tudor stylistic elements graced some Cottage stations.  Half-timbering filled the gables.

Common elements:

  1. small square or rectangular plan office
  2. steeply pitched side-gabled roof
  3. gable sheltered entry
  4. multi-light office windows

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