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The History Colorado collection is preserved for future generations but can also be reproduced, researched, and used for other exciting things including creative ideas for crafting, coloring, and entertainment.  Download and have fun! To make a donation or support the collection and our services please click here.

Craft Our Collection: Lanterns

Did you know that the use of lightbulbs to decorate for the holidays began in Denver in 1917? It seems now, more than ever, we enjoy our holiday lights all year long! Enjoy these unique Colorado-themed lantern templates to jazz up your string lights at home. 

Materials needed: printer, paper, glue stick or tape, and scissors


Stegosaurus Lantern

Optional materials: Coloring pencils/markers/crayons, exacto-knife and cutting mat, bone folder

Colorado State Fossil. Outline of Stegosaurus was influenced by a postcard in our collection from the Denver Museum of Natural History, which depicts the fossil within the Geological Hall (Accession #88.526.938).


Lark Bunting Lantern

Colorado State Bird. This lantern was created with visuals used for a Colorado designed USPS stamp, of which can be found in our collection under Accession #88.339.7. 

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Colorado State Flag Lantern

Colorado State Flag. Many items in our collection are associated with the Colorado State Flag. One of these items is a collage that was presented to “The People of Colorado” from Commander Vance Brand. The collage consists of a small Colorado State Flag that was flown aboard the Space Shuttle “Challenger” in 1984 (Accession #88.339.6).

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Mountain Cutout Lantern

The visuals in this lantern were created with a watercolor painting of Huron Peak by Marion F. Iserman. The cutout area is the exact shape of Huron Peak, a “14er” mountain located near Buena Vista! Accession #78.166.15.

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Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Lantern

Colorado State Mammal. Image from Pictures of the Great West by Robert Lindneux, the painting depicts the bighorn sheep grazing in front of a lake with the mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park in the background.

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