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About Colorado

Colorado became a state in 1876—the year of the U.S. Centennial—but its human history goes back more than 10,000 years.

Millennia ago, ancient peoples first walked the diverse landscapes of the region we now call Colorado, a land of plateaus, mountains, and high plains. Since then, people such as the Utes—Colorado’s longest continuous inhabitants—and nomadic Plains Tribes have passed through these lands and stayed, carving out traditions that thrive today. 

Over the past few hundred years, Mexican and European cultures, too, have settled, sought gold and silver, farmed, ranched, and built communities, creating legacies of their own and building urban and rural communities across the state.

As the designated steward of Colorado’s past, History Colorado is the place to discover, enjoy, and get involved in the history, the heritage, and the built environment of the Centennial State.