Annual Report

Bold New Priorities for History Colorado

Dear History Colorado partner,

An understanding of history—and the perspectives it can provide us—is more important than ever. 

Under the leadership of University of Denver chancellor emeritus Dan Ritchie, a team of statewide leaders, visionaries, and History Colorado staff have looked at the challenges and, most importantly, the opportunities for History Colorado. 

The result is a strategic plan that will guide new and expanded initiatives to improve lives in literally every county of our state. Every time these visionaries met, the energy flowed and the excitement was palpable. 

And the new strategies are plentiful: Engage people, places, and communities as the national leader in historic preservation. Share our collections more broadly around the state. Mobilize rural communities around their heritage and culture. Harness the power of history, civics, and humanities education. Replicate our Hands-On History program for even more communities statewide. Expand online support and supplemental resources for history teachers. Connect with diverse audiences through new kinds of content. Expand our reach through compelling, relevant exhibits. Create a new collecting plan that prioritizes inclusiveness and the ability to tell relevant, contemporary stories.

These are not just dreams. These are the realities of a bolder History Colorado—initiatives we’ll be implementing to reach hundreds of thousands more Coloradans in the coming years. History Colorado is poised to maximize its statewide impact with confidence and a grandness of scope.

Read our annual report below to see more of what we’ve done over the past year all across Colorado. Please donate today to help us preserve and share Colorado's rich history.

Steve W. Turner, AIA
Executive Director and State Historic Preservation Officer, History Colorado

Cathey M. Finlon
Chair, Board of Directors

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