El Pueblo History Museum Field Trips

Standards: All of our school programs align with Colorado Academic Standards. Please ask for a list of standards addressed by our school tours.

Follow-Up: We provide follow-up activities to continue your learning experience beyond the museum.

Enjoy any or all of these school tours:

  • Living History: In this school tour, students have the opportunity to interact with the history of Pueblo—using the adobe trading post that evokes the original El Pueblo, built in 1842. Students can make tortillas, learn to trade, dye wool, and construct adobe bricks. Other options could include storytelling in the Tipi, exploring a day in the life of a child at El Pueblo or role playing characters from Pueblo’s past in this historic interactive learning space. This tour can be molded to fit any grade level and it aligns with Colorado Academic Standards.
    2 hours, Kindergarten-Adult, $5/student.
  • Rights & Resistance: Through exploring the changing landscape of civil rights in Colorado—from voting rights to protests, workers rights to civil rights, students develop a better understanding of what it takes to create a better Colorado.  This tour includes the award-winning Children of Ludlow exhibit and skills-based activities that align with curriculum standards across multiple grade levels.
    2 hours, 4th grade-Adult, $5/student.
  • Constructing Colorado: Explore the people and places of Colorado history through construction of structures and industries that helped to build and grow our beautiful state. Students discover the past by constructing adobe bricks, “mining” for coal, creating lego replicas of Mesa Verde, building log cabins, and/or discovering the importance of animals to the migration and survival of Colorado inhabitants. This tour aligns with state standards, and is designed to inspire curiosity about STEM in the past and future.
    2 hours, Kindergarten-Adult, $5/student.
  • Borderlands of Southern Colorado: In this 4-part tour, students will be guided through the Borderlands of Southern Colorado exhibit, experience the award-winning Children of Ludlow exhibit, and tour El Pueblo Trading Post in the museum Placita. Groups can choose one interactive station to enhance and complement this tour, which can be molded to fit any grade level and it aligns with Colorado Academic Standards.
    2 hours, All ages, $5/student.
  • Dig to Discover: Students will simultaneously develop critical thinking about the past while getting their hands dirty looking for artifacts, making  yucca tools, examining bones, and building with adobe. This tour includes access to an actual archaeological dig in the El Pueblo Archaeology Pavilion, site of the original El Pueblo, and it brings history to life with engaging activities that link to state standards.
    2 hours, All ages, $5/student

Every tour can be tailored to the needs of your group. Adults are free with school groups. Title I discounts are available.

Tours available Monday through Thursday.

Book your tour online or call Tamara Trujillo at 719-583-0453 for more information.

History Colorado Field Trip Bus Funds are available for Title I schools!