El Pueblo History Museum Field Trips

El Pueblo History Museum offers five different guided school tours, each of which features hands-on activities. Students benefit from interactive experiences to learn about the history of Colorado and the American West, and the many cultures and groups who have called this region their home.

Every tour includes four activities, two of which may be selected by the teacher or organizer. Tours may be adjusted to meet necessary accommodations for your group. All of our school programs align with Colorado Academic Standards. For more information about academic standards, contact the museum at 719-583-0453.

The price of all school tours is $5 per student. Teachers and adult chaperones are free with school groups. Title I Schools qualify for admissions and transportation discounts, including the History Colorado Bus Fund. Learn more about the bus fund here.

Book your tour online or call Tamara Trujillo at 719-583-0453 for more information.

Living History: In this school tour, students interact with the history of Pueblo. Using the adobe trading post that replicates the original El Pueblo, students have the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities that reflect what daily life was like in the Colorado frontier of the 1800s.
Kindergarten through 12th-grade.

Dig to Discover: Students develop critical thinking about the past while being introduced to experimental archaeology and getting their hands dirty looking for artifacts. This field trip includes a tour of an actual archaeological dig in the El Pueblo Archaeology Pavilion.
Kindergarten through 8th-grade.

Constructing Colorado: Students explore the people and places of Colorado through the history of structures and industries that helped to build and grow our beautiful state. This field trip includes interactive activities that feature construction styles and materials of different cultures and time periods through Colorado history.
Kindergarten through 8th-grade.

Cultural Crossroads: In this four-part tour, students are guided through the Borderlands of Southern Colorado exhibit, experience the award-winning Children of Ludlow exhibit, and visit the recreated El Pueblo Trading Post. Groups can choose one interactive station to enhance this visit, or request a tour through the dig site in the El Pueblo Archaeology Pavilion.
4th-grade through 12th-grade.

Rights & Resistance: From voting rights to protests, workers' rights to civil rights, students develop an understanding of what it takes to create a better Colorado. This tour can feature the award-winning Children of Ludlow exhibit, and may be scheduled to include the El Movimiento exhibit at Pueblo Community College.
4th-grade through 12th-grade.


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