Students on a field trip at El Pueblo History Museum.

Virtual Field Trips

We’ve taken our popular Colorado history field trips online! To support social studies instruction this Spring, History Colorado will live stream virtual field trips that explore the state’s history, people, and environment in fun and educational ways! Aligned to Colorado Academic Standards, the program will feature skills and concepts covered in third and fourth grade.

Learn alongside other students across the state in our 20-30 minute, live-streamed sessions via Zoom throughout the month of May!

Sessions will begin starting May 4, 2020, with two sessions a day at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Pricing is per class: $40 for 1 session, $30 per session up to 3 or $20 for 4 or more sessions. Multiple classes have the possibility to attend the same session, depending on popularity. For questions, email or call 303-866-2394.

Mondays: Constructing Colorado. Students explore the people and places of Colorado through the history of structures and industries that helped to build and grow our beautiful state. This field trip features construction styles and materials of different cultures and time periods through Colorado history.
Tuesdays: Meet the Original Coloradans. There are 48 contemporary tribes with historic ties to the state of Colorado. Students learn about the people that were here first and their enduring impact on and presence in Colorado today.
Wednesdays: Dig to Discover. Students develop critical thinking about the past while being introduced to experimental archaeology and virtually getting their hands dirty looking for artifacts.
Thursdays: Rights & Resistance. From voting rights to protests, workers' rights to civil rights, students develop an understanding of what it takes to create a better Colorado.
Fridays: People & Environment of Colorado. Colorado’s environment has shaped human history. At the same time, people’s choices have shaped the land. Students journey into the deep relationships between Colorado's people and its land through stories of Colorado’s past.