Survey & Designation

Surveys may involve the identification of historic homes in a residential area, the recording of commercial buildings in a downtown district, or the gathering of archaeological information in a remote portion of the state.  These surveys are often spurred by agencies or municipalities proposing federal, state, or local projects or undertaken by local governments and organizations to support preservation goals and activities such as design review, historic designation, or heritage tourism.  State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is available to assist with the planning and documentation of these surveys.

Survey may also lead to formal designation on the National Register of Historic Places or the State Register of Historic Properties. The SHPO assists property owners in listing Colorado’s most historically and architecturally significant buildings, structures, and sites in the National Register of Historic Places and the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties. Properties listed in the National or State Register may be eligible for investment tax credits for approved rehabilitation projects.  Listed properties are also eligible to compete for grants from Colorado's State Historical Fund.  These grants may be used for acquisition and development, education, and survey and planning projects.