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This Is What Democracy Looks Like Speaker Series

Anthony Grimes: Stretch — The Future of Making America a True Democracy

With an activist's background and an artist's insight, filmmaker and founder of Denver Freedom Riders Anthony Grimes examines the historic year that was 2020, our local and broader democracy, where we might be going in the near future, and where we should be going in the 365 days to come.

What does a truly democratic America look like? Can these borders ever become a home for black people, and poor people, and the disenfranchised? How will we know when this has happened—and what happens if it is deemed impossible? A filmed talk by Grimes will open the presentation, followed by live conversation and Q&A about the collective struggle to stretch American democracy in years past, this year, and for the future. Sit back and relax or sit up and lean in—this upbeat, unusual occasion won't contribute to your zoom fatigue. Participants will exit the experience energized and equipped for the year ahead.

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Anthony Grimes has a “unique calling” according to political activist and author Dr. Cornel West: “linking the life of the mind to the struggle for justice.” A lynchpin in Denver’s movement for Black lives, Grimes is a charismatic storyteller and filmmaker. He approaches storytelling through a lens of empathy—merging the best of the human mind and heart—and grounds his work in the Black freedom movement tradition to “Redeem the soul of America.” Grimes has been instrumental in forming movements that shape culture in a variety of arenas, building grassroots networks with thousands of people.

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