AHPM 2019 Poster


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Calling all Future Archaeologists and Historic Preservationists! May is Colorado Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month (AHPM) and for several years, professionals from around the state came together to design a poster to honor and celebrate Colorado’s preservation work. While professionals are pretty smart, the people, places, and things that we preserve are important to everyone! This year, we are looking to the future and asking YOU to find materials around your home to design Colorado’s AHPM poster.

If you have questions or want to bounce off ideas, participate in our digital meeting with the Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation staff!

Preservation is about protecting and honoring the people, places, and things from the past. Think about a place that represents something important in the past. For example, the oldest building in your area, an important spot where people had a meeting, an old house that doesn’t have any walls, a wall of rock art, an ancestral pueblo.

Once you have your place, finish this sentence: This place matters because…

Poster Contest Information can be found here!

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