Colorado Women Lecture: Women's Clubs and the Vote

In the early 1880s Colorado women founded literary clubs. Soon they expanded their focus and work to become the catalyst behind many progressive reforms. Club leaders were also at the forefront of women’s suffrage campaigns in Colorado. After the successful 1893 campaign, leaders such as Ellis Meredith, Minnie J. Reynolds, and Sarah Platt Decker lent their expertise to the national fight.

Author Gail Beaton discusses how club work empowered women to expand their sphere of influence, the role of white and black women’s clubs in Colorado’s suffrage campaigns, and their work and influence to persuade the broader General Federation of Women’s Clubs to formally endorse women’s suffrage. As the largest women’s organization in the country, the federation's support was instrumental in securing the Nineteenth Amendment.

Lecture space is limited to 25 guests. Call 303-620-4933 for tickets.