colorful skeins of yarn


Drop Spindle Spinning

Knitters, and anybody who plays with yarn, benefit a lot from understanding how yarn is made, and this hands-on class will help add some valuable knowledge to any crafter’s toolbox. Yarn will be de-constructed to demonstrate its twist and structure, and attendees will use that information to construct some yarns of our own. This will also be a great introduction to spinning for anyone interested in learning how to use a spinning wheel.

The material fee includes a drop spindle and extra wool, both of which attendees will be able to keep in order to continue to practice at home.

Classes will be presented by Michelle Bowman, a local fiber artist. She is a Colorado native, and she’s been involved in fiber arts of one kind or another for over 40 years. Michelle loves making yarn, knitting, and working with the fibers of the various sheep breeds we have here in Colorado. On any particular day, you might find her knitting, spinning, dyeing (either protein or cellulose materials), felting, or sewing. She is proud to be a level 1 Certified Knitting Instructor through the Craft Yarn Council. She’s based out of Westminster, Colorado, and enjoys traveling around the state spreading the love of fiber arts. She is @ChelleColoradoFiberArt on Facebook, chellecolorado on Instagram, and her website can be found at