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Borderlands Lecture Series

Film Screening: Luisa Torres

This classic documentary presents a profile of Luisa Torres, a 79-year-old elder who lives a traditional life on a small farm in the village of Guadalupita in northern New Mexico. Luisa practices traditions that have remained virtually unchanged for generations, a life shared by her parents and grandparents and her neighbors and their parents. Through Luisa's recollections we see her commitment to hard work and the goal of self-reliance. At the kitchen table with her husband Eduardo, she talks of marriage and sharing. As she harvests medicinal roots and herbs, she talks of living in balance with the seasons. In her garden she remembers the goodness of the earth, which has given her flowers and food for the table; and she asks that she be returned to it with little ceremony and with thanks for a full life. (Chip Taylor Communications, 1990, 48 min.)