Maya Fuego Sagrado


Fuego Sagrado - Winter Solstice

Join the celebration of the first day of winter in the placita at El Pueblo History Museum. We'll practice a Maya fire ceremony in the tradition of K’iche’ Maya of Central America. Bring your offering of candles (red, black, white, and yellow), white  sugar, copal, sesame seeds, and rosemary and small pieces of pine wood as offerings. Try to wear white clothing with red scarf and red belt if possible. 

Some offerings can be purchased at El Pueblo History Museum store prior to Friday. Open you heart and connect through your energy to the thousands of human beings who'll be performing a sacred fire ceremony at the same time. Limpias will begin at 3:30 pm and the fire ceremony starts promptly at 5 pm.

This event is free and open to the public.