Democracy is a verb

This Is What Democracy Looks Like Speaker Series

Garrett Reppenhaggen: Democracy & War

“War is the health of the state,” said Randolph Bourne. Can the same be said for “Democracy”, too? Founding member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and executive director of Veterans For Peace, Reppenhaggen discusses the prospect for democracy during perpetual war.  

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About Garrett Reppenhaggen

Garret Reppenhagen is the son of a Vietnam Veteran and grandson of two World War II Veterans. He served in the U.S. Army as a Cavalry/Scout Sniper in the 1st Infantry Division, completing a deployment in Kosovo on a nine-month peacekeeping mission and a combat tour in Baquaba, Iraq. He received an Honorable Discharge in May of 2005. Reppenhaggen is currently the executive director of Veterans For Peace.