Lillian & Anthony Ruptak

Tiny Library Concert Series

Lillian + Anthony Ruptak

Guitarist and singer-songwriter Lillian is one of Denver’s best kept indie-folk secrets. Her warm, earthy voice and dreamily sparse songs have captivated audiences from Colorado to California to Oregon. A student of music since the age of six, Lillian draws inspiration from her childhood in the expansive desert of Arizona and an adulthood of adventures from flipping pizzas to counseling addicted homeless youth to working as a celebrity nanny. The one constant has always been her music - a thread that weaves and draws the web of her life. Lillian is joined on this special Tiny Library Concert double-bill by Anthony Ruptak, another gem of the Denver singer-songwriter scene. Ruptak has never been content with doing things the way they should be done. Raised in the high mountains of Bailey, Colorado, he left home at seventeen with only his guitar and a zealous drive to busk the streets of Denver. Since then, Ruptak has worked his way up from open mics to performing at Red Rocks and become one of the city’s most respected finger-picking folk artists along the way. We are thrilled to feature these two strong, emotive voices from the heart of Colorado’s growing, progressive music community on tonight’s Tiny Library Concert stage.