Members-Only Preview - Written on the Land: Ute Voices, Ute History

Join us to hear the story of Colorado’s longest continuous residents, told in their own voices. Take a journey to iconic Colorado places the Ute people call home. See traditional arts, gorgeous photography and contemporary video showing how Ute people have adapted and persevered through the centuries. Written on the Land is told from the perspectives and in the voices of today’s Ute people. Coffee and pastries provided, or take advantage of a breakfast option at Café Rendezvous!

SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Preserving Ute Culture for the Future
10 – 10:45 am
Join staff from the Southern Ute Indian Tribe Cultural Preservation Department for a short presentation about contemporary life at the Ute reservations. Hear about the work being done by the three Ute tribes to keep traditions alive—from language classes to the annual Bear Dance to museum exhibits.

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