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Colorado Women Lecture Series

“More Than Votes:” The Women’s Suffrage Movement in Colorado and the Nation, 1776-1920

One hundred years ago, the largest expansion of voting rights in US history extended the vote to many—but not all—women in the United States. A culmination of efforts by women’s organizations, it was preceded in Colorado by more than 25 years of women voting in the Centennial State. American women had been agitating for equality well before Abigail Adams uttered her famous words to her husband John in 1776: “ . . . remember the ladies.. . all Men would be tyrants if they could.”

Join Colorado women’s history scholars Gail Beaton, Marcia Goldstein, and Rebecca Hunt as we discuss earlier efforts to expand women’s rights in the nation and in Colorado; the 1893 Colorado election; and how the work of Colorado women and women’s organizations helped the nation move one step closer to a big leap in 1920.

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