Ludlow strikers


Musical: Ludlow... Love Labor Loss

El Pueblo History Museum will host the first performance of a new locally produced musical titled Ludlow . . . Love Labor Loss.

The subject of this play is the Ludlow Massacre, an infamous and important event in Colorado history. In 1914 the Colorado National Guard and guards employed by the Colorado Fuel & Iron Company attacked a tent colony of twelve hundred coal miners and their families at Ludlow, Colorado. More than twenty people, including two women and twelve children, were killed.

Ludlow . . . Love Labor Loss retells this story using words from the victims of the massacre, combined with a fictional love story. Local performing artist Kennedy Pugh conceived and produced this musical. Dianne Brooks developed the story and wrote the lyrics. The music was composed by local musician Ed Hill.

The premiere will be presented on Saturday, June 29, at 2 pm, with additional performances that evening at 7:30 pm and on Sunday, June 30, at 2 pm. These performances are free and open to the public.