PAAC Lone Mesa

Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification

PAAC Class: Perishable Materials


Perishable Materials is an introduction to an often overlooked classification of artifacts. It provides you with basic information about the recognition of perishables, cultural usage and alteration, and preservation. Not all the material offered will be applicable to every field situation. It's important to maintain at least a marginal working knowledge for the field experience that does involve perishable materials. 2.5 day class.

The Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification (PAAC) is a mutually beneficial educational program for avocational and professional archaeologists. Established in 1978 by the Colorado Archaeological Society (CAS) and the Office of the State Archaeologist of Colorado (OSAC), it allows CAS members and other citizens to obtain formally recognized levels of expertise outside of an academic degree program.  See course prerequisites.