10th Mtn Division soldier with girl

Colorful Colorado

War and Reflection: History of the Tenth Mountain Division


The men of the Second World War's 10th Mountain Division faced hardships unlike any other soldiers while they scaled rock walls and fought on skis in the coldest of climates in Colorado. Join David Little and Flint Whitlock in telling the history of these incredible soldiers.

David Little is a military historian for the Tenth Mountain Division Foundation, specializing in the physical artifacts from the WWII period. He has worked with History Colorado and other agencies to understand the impact of this unusual military unit since 1984. Flint Whitlock the son of a 10th Mountain Division veteran, established the 10th Mountain Living History Display Group in 1983 (Dave Little was one of his first recruits) with the purpose of preserving the uniforms, equipment, and other artifacts related to the division in order to educate the public about this unique military unit. This hobby led him to write his first book (Soldiers on Skis, 1992) and set him on a path to become a full-time military historian, author (13 books and counting), lecturer, and battlefield guide.