Upcoming Exhibition

A Legacy of Healing: Jewish Leadership in Colorado’s Health Care

Open to the public November 17, 2019 in the new Ballantine Gallery

Sunlight, dry climate, high altitude, nutritious food, fresh air—that was the prescription for treating tuberculosis. Colorado fit the bill, becoming a beacon of hope for those seeking a cure. 

As thousands flocked to the state, the Jewish community led the way in treatment. And it was Jewish leaders who made the biggest investment in Colorado’s health care system.

Guest curated by Dr. Jeanne Abrams from the University of Denver Libraries’ Beck Archives, A Legacy of Healing tells the story of the Jewish community’s role in revolutionizing our state’s health care in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Whether dealing with the tuberculosis crisis or caring for orphans and the elderly, Jewish men and women have worked to better the lives of Coloradans for over 130 years.