Past Exhibition


Create Your State!

Unlock the stories that have shaped the past by exploring a giant LEGO® re-creation of Colorado history. The pro builders from the Colorado and Wyoming LEGO Users Group have created this sprawling concoction of Colorado scenes—both factful and fanciful.

And, they’ve left room for you to build too! While you’re here, grab some bricks, construct your own take on Colorado’s most iconic structures, and discover your inner builder.

Free with admission to the History Colorado Center.

We're offering LEGO building workshops too!

The Colorado & Wyoming LEGO Users Group—a team of like-minded LEGO® enthusiasts—built the primary display. Casa Bonita, Bent's Old Fort, and the Chapel on the Rock are just a few of the historic structures you'll see. And there are lots of "Easter eggs" to search for too, like Groot, ET, and Batman!

Pictures of oversized Colorado-themed LEGO figures—including Von Miller, Molly Brown, and John Denver—cover the walls. In the construction zone, you can imagine and create your own LEGO creations on tables in a giant building area.

Check out this colorful exhibit through September 3rd! 

Lego Building workshop
Legorado city
Legorado building
Lego workshop
Legorado city closeup
Legorado village closeup
Legorado animals closeup