A map of Capital Hill neighborhood with the text describing the history of the neighborhood. The text reads "Capitol hill is one of Denver's oldest neighborhoods. After World War II it became visible as Denver's "gayborhood," a place LGBTQIA+ people lived, socialized & organized.

Current Exhibition

Queer Capitol Hill

For decades, Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood has been a center of queer life, love, and liberation. It’s been home to bars and bookstores, coffee shops and community centers, and many other places and spaces where LGBTQIA+ Coloradans gathered and organized.

This exhibit highlights seven places in Capitol Hill where Denver’s queer history happened from the 1950s through the 1970s – all places you can visit today. Told through comic-style illustrations by B. Erin Cole, this exhibit is a historian’s sketchbook of the queer past that still lingers in Capitol Hill today.