Exotic Revivals

Color photo of Exotic style, Egyptian theater (5DT.431)

The Egyptian Theater (5DT.431) in Delta.

The Exotic Revival is primarily represented by Oriental or Middle Eastern elements and covers the period of 1900 to the 1940s.  It includes Chinese, Turkish, Byzantine, Egyptian, Moorish, and Venetian styles, and is most commonly seen in theater architecture.  Mayan influenced styling from the Middle Americas also falls in the classification.

Black and white photo of the Aladdin theater (5DV.718) in Denver.

The Aladdin theater (5DV.718) in Denver.

Most Exotic Revival buildings are "one-of-a-kind" in Colorado because so few examples exist.  The Moorish/Byzantine Revival is most often seen in apartment buildings and commercial buildings.  Egyptian structures have all but vanished but are still evident in cemetery mausoleums.

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