GIS Information

This page contains information useful to those submitting GIS information to the Office of Archaeology & Historic Preservation (OAHP).

GIS Templates

Use these templates for site and survey GIS data submittal.  Note that the OAHP keeps its GIS data in the original Zone 12 and Zone 13 UTM projections.  As such there are 2 templates, one for each zone, for sites and surveys.  Please submit your shape files on the appropriate templates.  The templates include data fields required for submittal to the OAHP for data integration purposes.  You may add any additional fields you require, but do not remove any of the OAHP fields. The downloads are zip files containing DBF, SHP and SHX files.  In addition to the templates we have provided a shapefile example showing best data submission practices.

Before You Start

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has created a digital data management specification handbook, which may be useful to organizations or agencies establishing their own submisson guidelines. 

In order to avoid some common mistakes and keep our database searchable, we ask that you complete all the fields provided in the template attribute table (where appropriate) but that you to pay epecially close attention to how you format the following fields.

Survey Shapefile

For the following fields:
DOC_: Enter the OAHP assigned document number, e.g. MC.LM.R873
Agency: Use your agency project number
Source: Always enter the lead agency and field office, if applicable, not the contractor name.

Site Shapefile

For the following field:
Site_ : Enter the OAHP assigned site number 5SM.436.  For linears this would be the site number with its assigned segment number, e.g. 5SM.436.1
Source: Always enter the lead agency and field office, if applicable, not the contractor name.

Please Note
  • Only input the resource number (e.g. 5SM.436) into the "Site_" field. Do not add any other descriptors such as "IF," or "Site".  Please do not use an underscore or a zero "0" in place of the point/dot "."  Also do not include leading zeroes in the site number, e.g. do not enter 5SM.00436.
  • There should be no space before or after the site number or document number entered.
  • If you have a resource that crosses county lines, the shape for the resource needs to be split out by county and should be numbered accordingly.  For example, 5SM.493/5OR.6531 should have a shape for 5SM.493 and one for 5OR.6531.  Do not use both numbers for one shape. Resources or survey areas that run between two zones, must also be separated accordingly.
  • You may add additional fields to the shapefile attribute tables provided in the templates below, but please do not change the existing fields.
  • When submitting shapefiles, please provide one file for all of the sites and one file for the survey boundary (per project).

BLM Digital Data Management Specification Handbook

The BLM provides a Digital Data Management Specification Handbook for contractors.  Please note:  Any questions about the information in this handbook should be directed to the appropriate BLM field office.

The "Read Me" file

This file provides information about the data fields in both the spreadsheet files and the GIS files provided by the OAHP when a file search is requested