Hispanic History Primary Resource Sets

Mining for Gold in Colorado

Created by: Anne E. Farrell, Rebecca O’Neill, Denise Berg, and LaVonne Mathis

Essential question: How did the mining in Colorado impact Colorado History?

Contextual Paragraph: The state of Colorado was impacted in many ways the growth of mining. Mining brought people, revenue, and continued development of the geographical landscape. The influx of miners, mining companies, and the minerals itself changed the development of Colorado.

Resource Set
Colorado Company Mining Certificate Issued at Denver, Colo. 
Attractive certificate from a seldom seen district.  Chaffee County featured mines that produced Gold, Silver, and Copper as well as having smelting & refining facilities.
Colorado Miners "Left to right: Crecencio Vigil and Meliton Barela were hired by CF&I as marshals of the Cokedale mine in southern Colorado. They guarded the coal mine and coke ovens against activity by disgruntled miners. Meliton is a younger brother of Casimiro Barela, Colorado's "Perpetual Senator" of Las Animas County. Notice the dugout structure with the plate of fruit on the roof, the cooking pots at the lower right, and a mirror and towel. Crecencio wears a Colt 45 Model 1871. (Courtesy of Hispanic Pioneers in Colorado and New Mexico).
Mining Bureau.com Miners at Sneffles

Sugar Beet Fields

Created by: Steve Luebke

Essential question: Why did people from different cultures migrate and settle in Colorado?

Contextual Paragraph: This set engages student thinking regarding the concept of resources, both human and otherwise.  Students identify the relationship between resources, and the people who extract or cultivate them. Students learn that this relationship can create population shift, migration and the establishment of cultures.  Resources, labor and community are intrinsically tied together. Students develop a knowledge base in which they will be able to make inference on a broader variety of subjects. This results in student learning gain, which can be applied in a much larger context.

Resource Set
Portrait of sugar beet laborers

Portrait of sugar beet laborers waiting to be taken to the sugar beet fields of northern Colorado near Fort Collins. Published in 1929

Young Mexican American workers in beet fields Portrait of Jovita Aguayo and Severa Varela dressed to work in the beet fields outside of Sedgwick, CO Published in 1929
Hauling beets Hauling beets on the Louis Frantz farm outside of Fort Collins, CO. Published between 1900 and 1910
Concepcion Escobedo Concepcion Escobedo, an elderly beet farmer waves. Published in 1976
Concepcion Escobedo, studio portrait Concepcion Escobedo, an elderly Mexican American in a studio portrait.  His clothes are neat, pressed and not his beet laborer clothes
Published in 1952
Mrs. Sanchez Studio portrait of Mrs. Sanchez and an unidentified child.  This photo was taken in Sugar City, CO. Portrait taken Oct 19, 1875
Beet fields near Brighton Unidentified laborers in overalls work the sugar beet fields near Brighton, CO. Taken between 1867-1957
Beet sugar plant Beet sugar plant. Longmont, CO. Published between 1867 - 1957
Holly Sugar Factory Holly Sugar Factory.  A six story refinery in Holly, CO.  Horse drawn carriages carrying the beets are visible. Photo taken in 1910
Northern Colorado Sugar Beet Festival Annual Northern Colorado Sugar Beet Festival in Mead, CO. Photo taken between 2005-2011.