History in the Making

History in the Making

A Collaborative Approach, Open to All, Focused on Preserving the Now

We live in historic times. Here at History Colorado, we are documenting contemporary moments through the preservation of artifacts, photographs, documents and oral histories.  Today’s moments have the power to help illuminate current events for future generations by helping them put their lives into historical context. We believe the future success and relevance of our collection lies in developing relationships with Colorado communities and individuals who will help us tell the stories of our state’s unique, powerful and diverse histories. Please consider helping us in this important work. 

Have a unique story to share?  Email us at curator@state.co.us and put History in the Making in the subject line.

Colorado Voices: Community Activism & Protest

History Colorado launched the Colorado Voices: Community Activism and Protest collecting project in early June 2020 in response to protests against police brutality that occurred in Colorado and throughout the United States. Branded under the title "History in the Making," the focus of the project documents Coloradans' stories about the protests and subsequent sociopolitical events throughout the state. By placing the current protests in context, History Colorado is building a robust collection and showcasing the important people and stories who’ve contributed to Colorado’s history of Community Activism. Staff involved with the project concluded that collecting in real time as the events unfolded was an efficient, proactive, and inclusive way to document the crisis, and to ensure that both contemporary and future generations could appreciate the stories of those who experienced these events first hand.

If you have materials that would help tell the story of Community Activism, Political involvement and Protest in 2020/2021 please complete this form.

Contemporary collecting is:

historic preservation

active and purposeful



responsive to opportunity in the moment

open to unexpected outcomes

identifies what is missing and what is needed

looks at what no longer works