Image Use Policy

Collections Use Conditions

Information about the History Colorado collection is available from the Hart Research Library. Visitors may take photographs of History Colorado properties and collections for research use only, not to be published in any public forum. Images for any publication or public display must be obtained from History Colorado staff and require written permission. Photographic images of or from History Colorado properties and collections are available, unless restricted, for a fee based on the size and format of the image and its intended use. Obtaining images of the collection, exhibits, or properties requires compliance with the History Colorado collections use conditions as described here and in the Collections Use Agreement completed at time of purchase.

  1. The user assumes responsibility for questions of copyright that may arise. History Colorado does not claim copyright for all collection materials.
  2. History Colorado departmental policies determine access to and photography of its artifacts, exhibits, and properties.
  3. History Colorado reserves the right to restrict use or reproduction of rare or valuable material; to ensure that reproductions are of high quality and in good taste; and that the use is consistent with the mission of History Colorado and donor stipulations.
  4. Images may be used only as described in the Collections Use Agreement. Permission is granted when the Collections Use Agreement is signed and dated by both parties, all fees are paid, and all conditions have been met.
  5. Rights for single, one-time use are granted unless otherwise stated on the Collections Use Agreement, and further use of any kind requires written permission and may require additional fees. Rights are not transferable without written permission.
  6. Published or publicly displayed images must be credited as described in the Collections Use Agreement. Credit must accompany the image in a caption or display label, or on a credit page or screen, to read: "Collection Name, Collection # (Scan #), History Colorado." A signed a fully paid Collections Use Agreement must be completed for permission to use images to be final.
  7. Images to be displayed on the internet must be obtained directly from History Colorado, and will be at a resolution of 100 dpi. In some cases, permission may be granted to resize a previously purchased high resolution file to 100 dpi for online display. The image credit must appear on the page or screen on which the image appears.
  8. Requests for image adjustment such as cropping, detail shots, or cleanup of historical images must be made in writing. Photo studio staff are available to discuss the final product and provide an estimate of cost.
  9. History Colorado requests a complimentary copy of any non-serial publication using collection materials. After receipt of complimentary copies, curatorial staff determine which items fall within the scope of History Colorado's Collection Plan and will be added to the collection.
  10. In addition to reproduction fees, additional fees may be charged for use, dependent upon type of use intended. Use fees may be waived for Colorado non-profit organizations, university presses engaging in non-commercial publications, or for the use of photographs by Colorado news media.
  11. Images may not be resold, re-used, transferred, or donated to another individual or repository without written permission from History Colorado.

If you have any questions about our image use policies, please contact us at