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Our state’s natural beauty lends itself to a diverse array of stories. The people, places and objects of history enliven our understanding of what it means to be a Coloradan. Whether you live in an urban setting or hail from a rural burg in our stunning prairies or mountain landscapes, we all share a common heritage. Natives and newcomers alike can learn something new in this year’s series, an assortment of topics that exemplifies a potpourri of history.

Our season opens with a look at what happened back in 1878—when the last total solar eclipse passed over Colorado. In the wake of this summer’s near total eclipse, we’ll learn how the new state of Colorado became center stage for a celestial event. In October we’ll see artifacts that reveal the story of Colorado, and November’s lecture showcases our thought-provoking connection to the Holocaust.

Colorado’s association with the Civil War and climate science ushers in the New Year, followed by a focus on our earliest inhabitants of 10,000 years ago. We’ll delve into the history of the Utes in April’s program, when History Colorado welcomes Ernest House from the state’s Commission of Indian Affairs. In May, we’ll close out the season with a look at photos from yesterday and today to witness changes over time.

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