Event Series

History Colorado Lecture Series

This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Revealing how democracy rises and falls in our communities, this series aims to cut through the tumult and focus our attention on the fundamental questions of government for all.

Bold Women. Change History: Join the conversation with this 9 part lecture series.  Bold Women. Change History. features scholars, authors, and history-makers who illuminate the rich history of voting rights, the inspirational contributions of women in Colorado and the nation, and the amazing innovations that happen when we knock down barriers and prohibit discrimination. 

Borderlands Lecture Series: The stories told in the Borderlands of Southern Colorado exhibits keep getting richer. Join authors, artists, scholars, and activists this fall as they deepen discussions and complicate narratives. All talks are free and open to the public.

Colorful Colorado: Come for bimonthly lectures at 1 pm on Mondays at the History Colorado Center. Local authors, History Colorado staffers, and guest speakers share stories about Colorado’s colorful past.

Year of la Chicana Lectures: Four lectures from fall 2019 through fall 2020 celebrate and honor la Chicana—past, present, and future—by sharing her stories with all.

InSights & InPerson: Hey, history lovers! Hear in person from the people making history matter at InSights and InPerson, a program hosted by History Colorado's curatorial services and collections access staff. Every month, historians and history makers present insights into their work. Audience participation and dialogue are always part of the program.