Grants Awarded

4 Bar 4 Ranch (Ford Barn)

Grand County

This grant will provide funds for the immediate stabilization and exterior restoration of the Ford Barn, one of two significant log structures standing on the historic 4 Bar 4 Ranch Stagecoach Station & Hotel site, located approximately four miles northwest of the Town of Fraser.

Construction activities in the scope of work for the Ford Barn include significant foundation work, archaeological monitoring, exterior wall stabilization and restoration, roof reconstruction and window/door work. Once stabilized and secured, the site will be used for interpretation of this important Grand County site, which served historically as a stagecoach station, hotel, Ford auto dealership, and home. Future phases will focus on stabilization and exterior restoration of the hotel building, finishing site work, and interpretation.

This site is listed on the Colorado State Register of Historic Places.

Th roofless 4 Bar 4 Ranch (Ford Barn) log building in heavy snow with an "Endangered Places" sign in front of it.

4 Bar 4 Ranch (Ford Barn)