Members of the Cook Ranch at the State Fair.

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Arla and Herman Cook Ranch

Morgan County

The Peterson family moved from Denmark to Morocco, Indiana, in 1873.  In 1902 the four Peterson sons, Lewis, Arthur, Pete and Max, purchased a farm along Beaver Creek in Gary, Colorado. 

Cook Ranch sign showing the ranch's brand.

Cook Ranch sign.

Photo courtesy of the Arla and Herman Cook Ranch.

The Peterson’s only daughter, Marie, helped her parents make the move to the new land. Marie became a professional stenographer and joined her family when they traveled west.  In 1915, she purchased 320 acres of grassland for the purposes of raising Hereford Cattle.  Lewis Peterson and his wife, Mary, raised 7 children on the family farm, which was later split into two estates by his daughters, Dorothy and Arla. 

Red Angus calves on the Cook Ranch.

Red Angus calves.

Photo courtesy of the Arla and Herman Cook Ranch.

Arla and her husband, Herman Cook, are currently leasing their 2,280 acres to their sons Jeff and Mike, who use it as pasture for 120 Red Angus cow calf pairs from May to October.

Members of the Crook Ranch proudly show off hats with the ranch brand.
Cattle on the Cook Ranch.
Red angus at a windmill on the Cook Ranch.
Two red angus calves on the Cook Ranch.